Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Why the Millennials Will Finally Get the Punishment They Deserve

The 2016 presidential election showed me the true and horrific colors of the modern day left.


threatening the lives of electoral college electors,
to denying Bernie Sanders a fair vote in the Democratic party,
to beating up Trump supporters,
to the abysmal cry-baby shit show that followed a legitimate election,
to vomiting the canard to our children that "we apologize for you having to grow up in this world"
to the hypocrisy claiming democracy was broken

the left has shown they are a hate-filled, racist, bigoted, violent group, who have no interest in democracy, and will gladly institute a dictatorship if they can get their way and other people's money.

Naturally not all leftists are like this.  Many of them are also complete tools, unaware of the evil that is festering and growing within their own party, naively thinking today's democrats are the JFK party "of the little guy."  And, of course, we hope the 2016 election woke some of them up to the point they'd maybe clean house in the democrat party.  But it wasn't until I was talking to a buddy of mine did I see a clear delineation line, a trait that more or less identifies which leftists in the democrat party are simply well-intended, though ignorant bleeding hearts, and those that are tyrants, thugs, racists, and hate-mongers whose hearts are filled with envy, greed, and jealousy.


Specifically, the millennials.

Understand there are evil people across all age groups (and parties).  And the errant behaviors of one or two people does not reflect the group or political party as a whole.  But if you recall the re-election of (the hated) George Bush Jr. in 2004, certainly there was anger and rage on the part of the left, but there was none of the threats, violence, and purposeful undermining of our democracy we saw in 2016.  The left, much like the right when Obama was elected...twice...did not protest, riot, shut down interstates, or threaten the lives of college electors.  They were mature adults about it, respecting the wishes of the people and democracy and went on to field a better candidate who would win 4 and 8 years later.

But after 8 years of Obama, my how the left has changed.  The potpourri of criminal and temper tantrum behavior on the part of the democrat party is disgusting compared to 2004.  And the only variable I can come up with is that the millennial generation has come online and is the reason for the inexcusable and dictatorial behavior we saw in the 2016 election.

Of course, the millennials did not do this simply on their own.  They were led, taught, and indoctrinated by the public school system and universities which is honeycombed with the most worthless, talentless members of the baby boomer and Gen X generations.  Never setting foot in the real world, nor having an independent thought, thousands of teachers and professors successfully brainwashed millions of millennials into leftists.  And not just leftists, but the most entitled, spoiled, incompetent, irresponsible, delusional, brainless, programmable, and narcissistic group of leftists the world has ever seen. Coupled with the choir of worthless parents who pampered the genetic crap that resulted from their copulation, these veritable worthless human beings are incapable of self-supportation, independent thought, honoring the golden rule, sympathy, and respecting other people's rights.  And if they got their way, they would have enslaved the rest of us to pay for their parasitic lifestyles, while working crusaderishly to chisel away at freedom, democracy, and the United States.

However, they face one problem.  Trump.

Understand their entire plan hinged on one thing - the election of a democrat.

The reason this was vital was because without a democrat in office these rabid, anti-democracy millennials would have to spend their time working to make ends meet instead of relying on government cheese.  This means they'd have to find job instead of pursuing their socialist obsessions of bringing down the United States.  And most importantly, they needed a democrat like Sanders or Clinton in office so somebody would forgive them of their self-inflicted student loan debt.

And none of that is going to happen now.

This is good news (at least for those of us who are adults, who work for a living, and who support ourselves) because if there is a punishment worse than death that these leftist millennials are afraid of, it's honest work.

Understand that socialists, leftists, communists, etc., are not deep thinkers, philosophers, or intellectuals.  Very much like Marx they are simply losers and parasites who are so weak, so pathetic, and so pampered, they'll spend their entire lives concocting the most fanciful and elaborate of fabricated theories as to why they're entitled to other people's labor and money.  "Privilege," "institutional racism," "31 flavors of gender."  It's no shock that nearly all of the liberal arts in academia are geared towards rationalizing the theft of others.  But no matter how hard they try to make themselves sound smart or intellectual, in the end it is simple and rank laziness (and jealousy) that drives their socialist ideology of parasitism and theft.

But what one should take particular note of is just how much effort they dedicate towards the theft of others.  Be it studying the social sciences, spending 10 years in college, working on political campaigns, working for non-profits, not to mention the irrationally high amount of emotional investment and agency they put into this faux-religion, their entire waking lives is eating, breathing, and sleeping "the theft of others."  This fanaticism (not to mention waste of life) is driven by two things.  One, their previously-mentioned weak character which is deathly afraid of the toil that comes with labor.  And two, the fact they have nothing of value in life, but their parasitic ideology.

When you combine these two things it's very easy to understand why these millennial leftists are so violent, angry, and unhinged.  For the first time in their lives these leftist millennials are facing the prospect they might have to WORK.  And not just work, but WORK FOR THEIR ENTIRE LIVES!  Overnight their lives went from one of elitist Roman luxury to that of the slave class.  The mere thought of it scares the living daylights out of them.

But this is only the half of it!

Without toil, labor, work, pain, and failure, one cannot achieve anything.  And the millennial leftist's ego cannot abide that.  They MUST have SOMETHING to point to in terms of achievement.  They must have some point, purpose, reason and agency in long as it doesn't require work. And conveniently socialism and leftism provides them this faux, virtue-signaling religion as a substitute for genuine accomplishment.  You don't have to work.  You just have to virtue signal.  You don't have to study a hard subject.  You just need an advanced degree in some worthless humanities subject.  You don't have to produce anything of value.  You merely have to blame whites and males for all the world's problems.  And you don't have to support yourself.  You just need to claim your a vegan or are going green.

Unfortunately for them, however, this is all going to go away with a Trump presidency.

Understand just how devastating a Trump presidency is to these people.  In their eyes it is complete.  It is total.  It takes away and destroys everything these millennial leftists hold dear and rely upon.  Not only will they have to face their harshest fear (labor), and not only will there be no salvation from their student loans (condemning them to an entire life-time of labor), the fact their ideology didn't win takes away all of their purpose, meaning and worth in this world.  It's a full-length mirror of reality shoved into their faces for the first time, forcing them to stare into the abyss and acknowledge the reality that their lives will not be one of continual government support as they pursue faux-intellectual pursuits in academic, but one of labor, toil, and commonness.  It shows them not only that they're worthless, and not only will they have to (GASP!) work for a living, but that their entire lives up to this point have been a complete and total waste.

This explains nearly everything we witnessed post-election.  The inordinate amount of crying from Hillary supporters when their candidate didn't win.  The YouTube freak-show where millennials were having melt-downs because Trump won.  Teachers and other Gen X/Baby Boomer leftists "apologizing" to their children/students that "they'd have to grow up in this world."  And of course the criminal element shutting down interstates claiming "democracy is lost."  It is nothing more than a generation-wide temper tantrum these adult children were throwing because it was the first time they were ever treated like an adult.

The question is whether they're going to learn from this experience, take inventory of their lives and themselves, and try to improve upon it, or just double down on the same leftist religion of theft and parasitism.

And we pretty much know the answer to that.

These are not mentally strong individuals of high intellectual caliber.  Shoot, they don't even have basic common sense.  Again, they've been brainwashed for 25 years from the K-college educational system.  They lack any capacity for reason, intellectual honesty, empiricism, and objectivity.  Their entire lives were simply to be programmed drones to vote and support the democrat party/socialism.  They know no other life because the Baby Boomer and Gen X generations (of teachers and parents predominantly) failed to show them.  And now, for the first time, as many of them are leaving the artificial-life-support environment of the education system, they are entering the real world which they are COMPLETELY incapable of living in.

You want to talk about a most horrific punishment?

Imagining having another 50 years of life expectancy to live in a world you're simply not capable of surviving in because you've been brainwashed to the point you're effectively mentally disabled.

Enjoy that freaking decline.
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GentlemanJak said...

I noticed the same thing, Aaron. When Obama got elected, twice no less, the right was pissed but nothing violent ever came of it. As soon as Trump become the GOP nominate, the left went into violent hysterics.

After Trump became president-elect, it got even worse on social media. Some of my left leaning friends were trying to say that the right DID protest Obama being elected. They were shut up pretty quickly once the distinction was made between protesting and rioting.

Anonymous said...

One of your best posts ever. Well done.

Anonymous said...

I don't think they've changed at all. I think what's different this time is that the media set them up to believe that they were embarking on another 8 years of marching towards socialism. Hillary was going to finish the job of destroying America once and for all. For 8 years the left has enjoyed watching America being destroyed and now Trump is coming in and he's going to undo everything they've done.

Clinton said...

The Left is everything they say they hate about the Right. In addition to being intolerant, violent and hate filled individuals they are also the most unproductive people group I have ever interacted with. Without government subsidizing their lifestyle they will become extinct as they are so useless they can't compete in a labour market because they have no marketable skills or work experience.

Anonymous said...

I read you often Captain and I agree to most things you say and I don't live in USA. But because I'm younger than you, not quite a millenial, I didn't understand from this post, how men, especially young men, will ever be able to be parasites. I'd rather call those men who support leftist agenda "pussy worshipers", it doesn't matter their age.
And there is MGTOW who has a different view.

But if you asked me, I'd find the guilt in old generation not in young generation. Those old people who don't want to die. As if they were born to live forever.

Anonymous said...

RICanuck says,

They don't deserve the punishment they are going to get.

They were raised by us Boomers. The Bible say something about the sins of the fathers (and mothers) being borne down to the third generation.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure this is the best writing I've seen from you Mr Clarey. Insight, controlled fury (and quite plainly disgust), and absolute precision with words and ideas.

You need a larger audience, more people need to be reading your stuff.

John Agar said...

Bravo Aaron...

You just get better and better...

I am Canadian and we don't have any visible Trump on the horizon here to melt our "Snowflakes".

We have 3 tough years Federally and in Alberta (the one time economic dynamo of Canada),two & a half years to wait for change.

Much damage will occur from these bat**** crazy ideologues.

I can only hope Trump paves the way to sanity and a reversal of Derek Zoolander at the gas station over and over again.

Un Americano said...

Trump will get very little done because he will have to battle both the Democrats and the same Republicans that backed Clinton.

Days of Broken Arrows said...

A nice write-up. But the emphasis on the lack of work ethic of these people is only half the problem.

The other half (which is far more serious, I think) is that they're not just seeking a free ride, but looking to tear down and/or control others. If leftists and Millennials were simply a bunch of lazy slugs who wanted to get welfare checks and sit home and watch TV, I actually wouldn't mind that. I don't necessarily want to deal with these people day-to-day and am happy to pay a tax to make them go away, so to speak.

But these people are fascists and control freaks. Unlike conservatives, they can't just accept that people have their differences. These people will get you fired, doxx you, ban you, or publicly shame you for having "incorrect" beliefs.

They seem to be invading all of our institutions and imposing their belief systems on others -- often by rule. You go to work and have to deal with the HR seminar. You go to the mall for lunch and there's the advertising propaganda. You turn on your TV or go to the movies and there's the didactic bullshit about "Modern Families" and "The New Normal."

You go to college and your parents get called to the school because you consensually hugged a girl and an administrator saw it and thought it was "problematic" (this is an actual incident that happened to a nephew of mine a few months ago).

You get on a music message board online and wind up "censored" because you made a crack the moderator considered politically incorrect -- even though you're an author and someone with a MASSIVE background in newspaper writing and the moderator is a twentysomething with no experience. (This actual incident happened to me.)

Then there's high school, government offices, social media, the churches (ask Dalrock), the the mainstream media..arggggggggg!!!! These people are making life like Catholic school, attempting to monitor and control all our interactions, lest we commit something they arbitrarily consider a "sin." Stop the world, I want to get off! As I said, if these people just sat home and watched "The View," they'd be much less of a problem.

Faithless Cynic said...

My ultra lib, man hater wife just told me she wants to see the Electoral College abolished. Why? Because then Hillary would have won! I told her the less populated states will fight to keep the status quo to retain some political power. She is now all pissed off at me. Why do libs understand NOTHING about human nature?

The Electoral College was great when it elected the Muslim Sympathizer in Chief :-)

Fred Reed has an excellent write up of why Trump won. Fred on everything dot org

Vader999 said...

Hey, Cap, don't shit on the millennials. They helped get Trump into office. The old guard Republicans identified Trump supporters as lonely young men who masturbate to anime. Which means that a lot of the meat for the Trump campaign happens to be millennials. If those old farts decided the vote for the Republican candidate, you'd have ended up with Hilary.

5343 Kinds of Deplorable said...

There might be more than one clear delineation line on the left, though age is definitely a huge issue. The other is race:

"Since 2012, the five core counties of Philadelphia have added 40,000 people, while the rest of the state has lost 10,000. The white, non-Hispanic population has shrunk by 135,000 while the Hispanic or non-white population has grown by 165,000."

These additions are almost all Democrat voters. Fortunately Trump won Pennsylvania primarily by energizing the remaining white vote. But without real, long-term changes to immigration policies, there won't be another 2016-style election to look forward to, because the U.S. will soon have imported sufficient numbers of hardcore "takers" to permanently prevent it.

Still, millennials are a primary enabler of this trend. Good post, Aaron.

GAHCindy said...

I laughed through this whole post, because it's what I've been saying for years about a couple of relatives of mine. It's so true. They're 38 and 35 years old, so not strictly of the millennial generation, but they have both been getting "educated" for the last 15 years, one silly class after another, and a couple of very useless degrees each, refusing to grow up and join the rest of us in productive labor. If I didn't love them and want better for them, watching them fall apart emotionally after the election would have been a great deal more fun. Alas, I was only able to chuckle moderately, instead of giving it the belly laugh it deserves. They seem to be regaining their equilibrium somewhat, since they're to old to sustain the outrage for as long as real millennials can.

GAHCindy said...

Also, what days of broken arrows says us true. It is about control. How can you enslave those you can't control?

Steve D said...

Understand their entire plan hinged on one thing - the election of a democrat.

I guess their plan worked then. Trump is not only a democrat, he's a life-long democrat.