Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Pay Somebody Else to Do Your Homework!

Wanted to remind all my younger readers of my longest serving sponsor "Academic Composition."

In short, Academic Composition realizes college for what it is - an unnecessary and expensive hurdle the education industry is forcing you to jump through/pay for with your life.  But what makes it worse are all those completely worthless "pre-requisite classes" that have NOTHING to do with your major and only exist to extract more money from you to pay worthless, liberal-arts grad students and professors.

So do what smart corporations do - outsource your mundane pointless homework to Academic Composition.  They will write your papers for you so you don't have to.

Also, they're always hiring new writers, so if you know how to BS your way through a pro-Marxist, fuck white-males, type of liberal arts paper, and you don't mind working from a beach, a bar, or your bed, contact Alex at Academic Composition by clicking on the contact button.

Alex is also looking for marketers all the time as well.  Neither job is exciting, but it pays AND, unlike your baby boomer professors and bosses, you won't have to commute.

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