Thursday, August 17, 2017

Corporate America Abandoning "Diversity Groups????"

Deloitte seems to acknowledge white males are also permitted to live on the planet.  Maybe even work at the office.


VFM #7916 said...

It's a trap.

daniel_ream said...

Yeah, it's a trap. They outright admit the problem was that the Old White Men who actually run things weren't being influenced by the groups because they weren't part of them and weren't being exposed to their stories.

As much as I'd love to see this end with a 60-year-old white male VP telling the rest of the group to shut up, stop whining about their circumstances and do their damn jobs, it won't happen.

liberranter said...

The stopped clock twice a day, and all that (stated another way, even Hitler produced a few good things).

That said, I think VFM is correct. Deloitte is a poster child for corporate douchebaggery.

Jonathan Centauri said...

Leave Globull Corp. Let it burn down with the gene failure of brown. Boycott everything. Unplug from Corporate Squid Ink. Let them drown in the unprofit of their policy of White Hate. Do not support enemies that hate you and want you dead. FULL BOYCOTT. Maybe even Strike. Let them get brown to maintain and pay for Corporate Squid Ink. Red Ink.