Monday, August 14, 2017

The Three Worst Things About Corporate America

And how to counter them:


Tucanae Services said...

The worst thing about corportism is its sheer numbness. The inane meetings to decide the next meeting. The cubes. The insanity. The sameness.

All I can say is, if you have the drive, get thee into a startup. I have been involved in two of them. Best times of my life. Insane yes. Long hours yes. Flying by the seat of your parts, yes. Those experiences got me thru 20yrs of a Fortune 10.

liberranter said...

Spot on, Cappy.

There's also a truism that I'm sure that someone else more observant than I am has already branded into a "law." It is that any corporation that relies on any level of government for the bulk of its revenue soon loses whatever innovative drive it might ever have had and eventually becomes as dysfunctional and inefficient as its customer(s). I've seen this sad phenomen happen, up close and personal, to three small companies and one Fotune 100 one over the last 15 years. Watching the disease metastasize is really depressing and frustrating.