Thursday, August 31, 2017

Oh Look Baby Boomers! Another Day of Self Employed Bliss!

To all my previous bosses.



David Reynolds said...

Tell us how you really feel Aaron.

Tucanae Services said...

"You lying, posing sacks of baby boomer fucks who weren't smarter, wiser, or better than me, you just knew one byte of data more than me and used that to screw me and two entire generations over for slave labor"

Cappy, let it go M'on. -- Bitterness is a poison that kills you while you're waiting for the other person to die. I can agree that most ahead of you in the pecking order of cube farmdom were as you describe. I ought to know I was one of those baby boomer fucks.

But seriously, other than satisfaction and emotional release do you really gain anything from dwelling on it? Do you make any more money giving the figurative finger to your old Wells Fargo boss? Save any taxes by sticking a voodoo doll of corporate finance? Probably not I would reckon.

Peace be with you.

Dane Prywatne said...

I am relating to your feelings about boomers .. but - one but - "I (and an increasing amount of others) finally figured out reality," - one should not concentrate on what he knows, but on what is still to learn and what he should find.

flighter said...

Need to add this to my vacation destinations.

Kurt said...

This post got revised, haha.