Monday, September 09, 2019

Behind the Post: Marcie Bianco

You may have noticed that outlandish articles about outlandish things are being produced at a machine gun rate by both the mainstream and click-bait media.  It really is just a shock-and-awe, post the most outlandish shit, bring in the clicks and eyeballs type of brown journalism, so much so you can't call it journalism.  You can only call it what it truly is - tabloid.

But unless the article is in a magazine on the rack in the check out line at the grocery store, people think these articles are legit, especially if they have "NBC" or "CNN" on the URL.  Most are easily duped if the website just looks professional.

But instead of getting pissed off at this constant barrage of rage-instilling BS brown pieces, I like to look at who wrote them as I think that has more genuine journalistic worth than the slop they're writing.

Today's article/person is Marcie Bianco.

Marcie wrote a piece at NBC that Miley Ray Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth divorce was a blow to "patriarchy."  

I know. I know.  It's dumber than a sociology major taking 7 years to graduate, but hear me out.  The point of my article is to get you to the point that you never get even slightly irked at such a stupid article ever again.  She's trying to goad you.  She's purposely being obtuse and dense to get a rise out of you.  And with the controversial position she's taken (one she may not even believe in), you're going to click bait it, post it, and bring her in more clicks.  Do not be tempted.

Instead, look at who this person is.

Marcie Bianco is predominantly a lesbian/feminist activist. 

Which is fine.  Which is cool.  Which is OK.

She is, however, NOT a journalist and her opinions are not that of everyday America, let alone every day women.  She has an agenda, which means the article - no matter how click-baity-tempting it was to click - was not worth the click.  Matter of fact, it's not worth anything.  It's propaganda.

It is here I'm trying to get some people to "Enjoy the Show" and make some lemonade out of the seeming lemons we've received.  And I'm not even going to connect the dots for you.  I'm just going to tell you what to do whether you see a Marcie Bianco or any other shock-piece writer's crap masquerading as legitimate editorial or journalistic commentary.  

Find out how successful and happy that person is.

How many twitter followers does this "journalist/writer" have?
Does s/he work for a firm that actually PAYS their writers or do they writer for free (ask Huffington Post "journalists").
Are their "award winning books" REALLY award winning?  Look up their sales rank and the number of reviews they have.  You'll be SHOCKED how many "best selling authors" have sold jack shit in terms of books.
And look at their resumes/linked in profiles.  Is it all work work work and at welfare-make-work-non-profit-government jobs no less?  Do they have any fun?  Any life?

And then finally...

Ask yourself the question, would you trade lives with them?

Chances are you wouldn't.

The industry of making insulting, enraging, angering, agitating articles simply to be controversial, get a rise, and thus get click-traffic is arguably the worst social scourge we have in society today.  It's no better than fake news, and sadly all of media is guilty of it.  It angers you, raises your blood pressure, makes you depressed, and on both sides of all political aisles.

But before you even let your heart rate jump up 1 beat per minute more than it has to, I ask of you to at least look at who wrote the article.  Chances are you'll see they have no authority, veracity, integrity, or anchoring in the real world, and are just writing a screed to either get a political point across or bring in the sheeple's eyes so they can sell their traffic to advertisers.  And in addition to that, they're usually people you'd have no respect for and thus, wouldn't give a shit what they wrote.

So again, look behind the post and "Enjoy the Show."


'Reality' Doug said...

She's doing better than me. I hope there is an army of men like me, but alas I know it's not true. There is almighty government picking winners and losers is rather definitive. Hard too say what the size and spine of the polarization parties are in these states (little 's') or other West. I am not sure low lifes are even sentient enough to feel bad or low or base. I salute those men who can laugh at clown world going by with fervent inanity. You are an exceptional man, Mr. Clarey. You give woman's studies its proper meaning, lol.

William said...

Hell, if it's on the front page of MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, or Twitter, it's guaranteed fake.

lewism109 said...

"...people think these articles are legit, especially if they have "NBC" or "CNN" on the URL. Most are easily duped if the website just looks professional."

It's sad when people get easily duped reading junk like the link I've provided below. CNN Money somehow thinks Millennials not opening credit card accounts is a grave mistake, whilst in reality, it shows Millennials are making better financial decisions than past generations by spending within their means. Of course, students loans kinda junks this thesis. I just hope no-one bought that bullshit and decided to get a credit card. Not worth it.

"She's trying to goad you. She's purposely being obtuse and dense to get a rise out of you. And with the controversial position she's taken (one she may not even believe in), you're going to click bait it, post it, and bring her in more clicks. Do not be tempted."

I'd admit, there has been plenty of times when reading article titles, my blood pressure shoots up. I think the best solution to avoid this scenario is to just ignore said articles and remind ones self that we currently live in clown world.

Post Alley Crackpot said...

Bitches create drama ...

And behind every lede, it's either the journalists or the people running the journalist who are the bitches.

Some of these people enjoy their corporate-creative slavery complex while others secretly demonstrate that they don't actually believe what they write and that it's forced labour.

Which is it in this case? Does the obviousness speak for itself, or is it just incompetence in the service of so-called political passion?

But then there you go, creating some drama yourself ...

"Find out how successful and happy that person is ..."

This is largely irrelevant and uninteresting -- many of America's greatest written works were produced by absolutely miserable people.

Ernest Hemingway eventually succumbed to hereditary depression.

Thomas Wolfe wore himself down so much with the book after "Look Homeward, Angel" that he contracted tuberculosis and died horribly.

Construct a list, pen a book on the subject, and maybe it'd even sell well, just as long as you don't state the case that America kills the ambitions of many of its would-be greatest when it isn't shopping for some actual poison.

But I understand the motivation: Americans love giving themselves a snow job (or that other kind of job) over how "great" everything happens to be, even when it isn't.

When Barbara Ehrenreich wrote about this in conjunction with her medical maladies, the British publishers gave her book a much better title than in America: "Smile or Die".

If Americans could accept how your misery sharpens you as individuals, as a people, and forges your character, collectively you would all be in a much better place.

But instead, you fight with each other and create drama over the least significant things, in accordance with conventional psychological models, especially Freud's, but you're not really narcissists in training, and you're not even very good neurotics on the whole.

That's how the whole rubric about how everyone's essentially the same falls down: some of you are so flawed that all you can succeed in doing comes in the form of creating more drama, and it's a fundamental character issue.

You want us to consider the source?

Very well: you blow smoke up everyone's arsehole about how we're supposed to enjoy the collapse of civilisation ala "enjoy the decline", in which we're meant to be disaffected tourists observing the slow heat death of the Western cultural universe.

Want us to take you seriously on matters of "not creating drama"?

Then stop creating it yourself!

Glen Filthie said...

"Marcie Bianco is predominantly a lesbian/feminist activist.

Which is fine. Which is cool. Which is OK."

No it isn't. Good lord, you fuggin dunce - how many times do you have to see it before you put the two together? Let me spell it out for ya:

Sexual degenerate/idiotic, harmful worldview

FFS. How many skull effed lesbians do you have to see, doing their level best to destroy themselves, their "partners" or worst of all - their kids?

What next, you sawed off poseur? Feminism is okay? Feminism is cool? Why not throw socialism on that pile too?

Jennifer said...

He's such a weak little drama queen he blocked me on Twitter for my snarky, disagreeing comments, yet rather benign comments. But what do I know. I'm everything he despises. I'm a woman. I'm a feminist. And I'm a worthless liberal arts grad.

Anonymous said...

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