Saturday, September 14, 2019

The Clarey Podcast #308 - The "Enjoy the Show" Episode

Black teens beating up dopey white minneapolitans downtown.
"Enjoy the Show" - Girl successfully murders new born.
How DARK can Chad get???
Glass Steagal
Millennials believing in astrology.


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A Texan said...

You don't think she is available, do you?

Club-going Welsh mom fatally crushes 4-week-old boy in drunken stupor

Anonymous said...

Dindus gonna dind

Anonymous said...

The thing is, if she had oped for a late term abortion the day before the baby was born, she would have been hailed as brave, in charge of her life and all the good things that come from feminism.

Killing the child 24 hours later means that she's a murderer ... go figure.

Phil B