Monday, September 23, 2019

Doctors Orders for Cappy

Howdy all,

The ole Captain has had some medical issues of which they are under current investigation.  Won't know anything for a while, but will update you if it's something serious.  Do not jump to any conclusions.

However, the doc has more or less indicated to Cappy to take it easy for the next week.  This is on top of about the two week period I had to take off to deal with months of never ending bullshit that came with selling a house, trying to build a new one, and all the crap that comes with changing addresses, credit card info, etc.

In the meantime I will try to do some podcasts.  I uploaded one on my Patreon page (which is only available to patrons).  A new Marijo pic for that podcast episode.  And will be on the Masculine Geek podcast this Wednesday.  I would also like to get an article in there as well, but will be primarily linking to different bloggers who have been kind enough to let me link to them.

Will keep you updated and thanks for all your support.



commoncents said...

Got a minute and 15 seconds? Joe Biden Brags about getting Ukranian Prosecutor Fired - VIDEO

'Reality' Doug said...

Best wishes for your health, the most precious thing. Congrats on housing. I can only look up to you on that, young man. I'm sure it varies a lot, but my experiences thus far put the transition to officially old at '50'. I won't list the issues, but a list of complaints that generally don't go away I have started since then. Injuries take lots longer to heal starting about then too. Take care of that health. Of course, take advantage of it too. I'm sure you will keep making smart decisions, and this didn't tell you much, but it's nice, right? Us actual humans gotta stick together.

Justanotheropinion. said...

Odd because to me you look like you've been losing weight and the last few utubes not very enthusiastic or animated. You can see progression(well I did being a new fan). List of major stressors.
The Holmes and Rahe Scale
1.Death of a loved one 2) Divorce
3.Moving 4) Major illness or injury 5.Job loss
Get well I always say
"You Can't Kill Evil"!

weka said...

Cappy, look after yourself now We need every minanthrope we have.

Anonymous said...

Hope it all goes well for you, Cap. Take it easy and bask in the glow of well wishes from a lurker and his fit, redheaded woman, both of whom enjoy your podcasts, videos, and blog articles.

P.S. If it's hypertension, try not to give the old golfing farts any reason to joke about you stroking out before they do.

David Wholly said...

Take care of yourself, Aaron, even if it means taking a break from everything to do with the blog. You definitely have been one of the most influential people in my life. I first discovered your works via "Bachelor Pad Economics" a few years back, and have been following you since via your blog. Most days I check that before even checking the news (which I'm weaning myself off of).

I should probably add that I have a few years on you. Just wish that I'd discovered this mindset a long time ago.

All the best, Cap.

Kristophr said...

Penis reduction surgery?

Anonymous said...

Take care of yourself Aaron. You are hitting the age where guys start to drop (welcome to the club pal) unexpectedly. Lost a few classmates the last couple of years who did not see 50. Be good to yourself.

John Galt

Karl said...

All that running, and see where it gets ya!

I'll stick to my motto: "these colors/legs/feet/whatever don't run."

I hope you are enjoying your time off.