Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The Older Brother Podcast #58 - The "Cat Wine" Episode

Door County - the Pinnacle Achievement of White People.
Walter Matthau Sexually Harassed Sophia Loren...and SHE LIKED IT!
When students beat up their TEEEAAACHEERRRSSSS!!!!
Joe Biden reaps what he grew.
Fitbit causes a Health Scare in Cappy.
Cat Wine - "Purrrrrlot" GET IT?????
Jacob Scheier - The Poster Child for Millennial Parasites


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heresolong said...

A couple things. People used to leave the city to get out of the heat in the days before air conditioning. My grandmother took my dad and his brothers out of Boston to the lake cabin every summer and my grandfather drove up on weekends. I suspect that my parents (born in the late 30s so not quite boomers)have a cabin because that's what they grew up doing, not because of any sense of specialness.

Growing wine grapes, you will get anywhere between 400 and 3000 bottles out of a third of an acre, unless you live in South Dakota, in which case you will be lucky to get grapes to grow at all. The setup, by the way, is the easy part. Good grape vines require constant tending.