Monday, September 02, 2019

Liberal Arts Majors are a Legal and Financial Liability to Employers

While I know the fashion and fad in Corporate America today is to flash your leftist political credentials, remember that in hiring liberal arts majors you are not hiring ponderous, intelligent, educated communicators and thinkers,

but brainwashed, low IQ, ideologues who are capable of...well...literally nothing.

Well, they are capable of something.  Suing your ass for a bogus discrimination complaint because all they've been trained to see is how they're a victim and you are the oppressor.

By all means, hire these mentally ill people.


Anonymous said...

Sad, really. as late as the 1980s liberal arts programs taught not what to think, but how.
The degenerate vulgar Marxism-Leninism which pervades what were once the human studies, seeks not to educate but indoctrinate. But there is a response - study them on your own. We are beneficiaries of a patrimony still the privilege of any one willing to educated themselves. Stick to STEM at school - it is a discipline where females still fear to tread.

Mark Matis said...

Ah, but if you DON'T hire these snowflakes, you can be SURE they'll sue you!

David said...

You mean to tell me that liberal arts graduates have the lowest median average salaries? Nooooooooooo!!!!!