Sunday, November 13, 2005

Can Buy Me Love

Ultimately if you push a leftist far enough in their thought, there are several T-intersections their mind will come to;

1. Happiness isn't all about money.
2. GDP or Income per capita isn't an effective measure of standards of living.
3. I just don't believe the data.
4. George Bush sucks.

Well, at least you can knock out two of these 4 mainstay arguments of the left. Many thanks to Sunrunner 4 for this spiffy chart;

The research was done by professor Richard Easterlin of southern California. He seems pretty happy, but that's because he's an economist and we economists always have chicks chasing us.


The Mad Doctor said...

Money isn't everthing, but more is better. The curve flattens as you get more, but that's true of many things.

But Bush still sucks. Hell knows what the Left will come up with in 2008... They pretty much all suck.

Captain Capitalism said...

Until the American public gets educated on basic economics and gets wise enough to know when they're being lied to, every politican is going to suck. That's why...

Buy Chinese Yuan!

Yes, Yuan!

Tired of being with the loser current of the decade?

Think Social Security is NOT going to help the dollar?

Want an economy that actually produces stuff?

Then say "yes" to the Yuan!

I need a jingle or something.