Monday, November 21, 2005

Conflicted Socialists

OK, so everytime you get into it with a liberal or a socialist, they always, ALWAYS without skipping a beat go running to the Scandinavian countries as proof positive socialism can work.

Now, the vast majority of them (and actually by definition) have never gone to independently confirm this. They only regurgitate what they heard from their professor or the college friends who are being supported by Daddy. Alas, they don't really know why the Scandinavian countries do so well.

Now, out of all of them, Norway does the best, and by large margin. Norway is a rather successful socialist country (although it is not the one I was asking about in a previous post, there is another). And it has made gains against the US recently in the past 4 years to have an identical income per capita.

There's just one problem;

The source of this newfound wealth and economic success is oil.

How conflicted and hypocritical you liberals must feel.


Derek Jensen said...

You must be referring to Luxembourg.

Derek Jensen said...

But I'm not on the economic left so I don't count.

Captain Capitalism said...

Damn you Jensen. They trained you well at the U of C.