Monday, November 14, 2005

New Kid on the Block

And he's been taking his vitamins and eating his vegetables...he's also been cutting taxes and transforming a backwater 3rd world nation into what will soon be the world's largest economy.

Based on the past 20 years of economic growth, I estimate in another 6 years or so China will have the world's largest economy.

But we'll have sociology majors and peace study majors and American Idol and Desperate Housewives and the Jenny Craig Point System? Right? I mean at least we'll still have all that!

Then again, that's if you believe the economic figures China is releasing.


Derek Jensen said...

Why are you using PPP figures?

Captain Capitalism said...

Because that would be normal economic protocol.

Unless you have a more compelling reason to use another measure, which I'm certainly interested in hearing.

Derek Jensen said...

Do you really believe China has a larger economy than Japan right now?

Derek Jensen said...
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Derek Jensen said...

Actually, I don't work as an economist as you do, so I defer to your professional judgement.

I have do an MBA from the University of Chicago, where I majored in economics. It just seems to me that China has a lot of hype associated with it, but Japan is still the force to be reckoned with in Asia.

Captain Capitalism said...

check 1