Saturday, November 19, 2005

For All the Collegiate Capitalists Out There

Far as I can tell right behind Canadians, the second biggest group of readers I have is college students. And being Captain Capitalism I know how important it is to recognize that the market is always right and you should pander to it.

So for all those collegiate aspiring economists out there an interesting post I got from Young Miriam (Young Miriam is a chemistry student (if I remember correctly) and is a Muslim that I wish more Muslims and women would emulate). Anyway, her post below;
(If you choose a hard science and input in a 5 for Scholarly quality and then ask it to display things like %female or the like, the red-green corellations are most amusing.)


mariam said...

aw shucks.

It's a good thing I'm not the belligerent type--in an alternate universe, misspelling my name would surely lead to a jihad or two.

Captain Capitalism said...

In an alternate universe I would be all-powerful and chicks would dig economists who ballroom dance.

Actually I was confusing you with Miramar. Sorry, was thinking of the military base for some reason.

mariam said...

ah. I suppose I can understand your confusion: while not belligerent I might come off as militant--Militant in my love of data collection!

(Thankfully, given an infinite number of alternate universes, I think the average version of myself over them must be (1)brilliant, (2)not so bad to look at, and (3)generally awesome...which means someplace there's a version that cancels me out in the metaphysical calculus. I bet she's not a dork.)