Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Tactic That Works Against Liberals

Was at the bar.

Sat next to a young couple.  The girl was an education major still in college, the boy was a recent graduate with a degree in economics.

He was excited when I told him I was an economist, but then depressed when I told him he would not get a job.  The girl, somewhat offended I was being truthful and blunt asked what I did for a living.  Overhearing that she was an education major, I said,

"I collect welfare and foodstamps for a living.  I stopped working two years ago."

I said it with a sincere and direct enough face it convinced her.

She was upset.

"Wait, you don't even try to find work anymore?"

Half-tempted to point out in her declaring an elementary education major that neither was she, I decided not to and instead went with my original plan,

"Yes, not worth working any more.  You see how much free shit Obama is giving away?  To hell with work.  It's for suckers."

She got pissed.  ROYALLY pissed.  She wouldn't talk to me.  You could see it in her face.  She was angry that somebody might take advantage of the situation.

And then I realized something - I finally figured out how to convince liberals they're wrong.

It wasn't through charts. It wasn't through logic.  It wasn't through reason.  And it wasn't through statistics or facts.

It would be by agreeing with them to the full logical conclusion of socialism and acting like you were completely abusing their charity naivety.

So the next time you run into a liberal and they ask you what you do for a living, with a straight face you say,

"Nothing, I collect welfare and food stamps.  I live off of the government."

It is thus far and by far the most effective tactic I have ever deployed.


Heywood Jablome said...

Sounds promising. Can't wait to try it out.

Glen Filthie said...

I disagree. The one thing I have always seen is that liberals and stupid people BELIEVE shit. These people, 40 years ago, emptied their pockets and wallets for sleazy television evangelists. Today they do the same for global warmers like Fat Al Gore and vote for Obama. They will always be with us, they will always invoke double standards, fuzzy thinking, and lame rationales to justify their beliefs. I will bet all you did last night was make some stupid people very, very angry Captain. They will see the problem as being with you and not with their ideology.

For a diminishing minority of us - we need to KNOW things. We will look at your charts AND theirs. We will look at conflicting and contradictory data. We are critical thinkers which is why we tend to conservative financial views.

For most of us, for example, your scholarly works on useless degrees is intuitively obvious. A basic job search would prove you correct in every regard - and yet kids still line up for them 100 deep to take them.

There is only one way people like this learn - the hard way. You can't argue and debate with idiots.

Anonymous said...

I like telling feckless urban liberals that I used to be an arms dealer and a gunsmith ...

Strewth -- I bought and sold guns, ammo, and all of the little bits that make them work better, along with minor bits of gunsmithing as a sideline.

To hear it from these idiots, they think I'm drinking tequila with Pablo Escobar when I'm not fitting the latest Steiner MIL-SPEC scope to his latest acquisition from Steyr.

I helped out a guy who had a shop in his garage.
Anything you want for 10% over dealer cost.
Things weren't all that bad ...

Maybe trying to teach these people something is your deal.

I simply like pissing bullets in their punch bowls.

Anonymous said...

F'in-A brilliant. This is like intellectual judo.
I'm totally using this on my sister and cousins today at Thanksgiving.

sth_txs said...

When I would post years ago on a 'left of center' economics blog, I would say at some point that even though I'm libertarian, I have a government job.

I told them why work hard when it does not pay off. Oh, the howls! Pure joy!

I told them I'm no more hypocritical than the liberal that won't voluntarily pay more taxes or move into a ghetto minority neighborhood.

NormalGuy said...

You just need to tell them it's more economically viable to sit around doing part-time work under the table while collecting all the free stuff governments give away and paying absolutely no tax.

Rub it in their faces that you, working far less hours and having more fun while working, will have more disposable income at the end of the month than they do working full days.

TheKangarooBoxer said...

its pretty much the act of Agree and Amplify, but with action, not just talk. i like it. "Enjoy The Decline".

Anonymous said...

I just tell them I'm "Right-wing Welfare Scum".

If you can't beat them, join them.

Chris P. Bacon said...

This tactic forces liberals to the right, and they hate the right, which is why this upsets them so much.

Kristophr said...

You will have to be sent to a Soviet constructive labor camp, Cappy.

Socialism doesn't last once the proles figure out that work in a socialist state is for suckers.

In Soviet America, job has you!

beta_plus said...

You should have mentioned that it's awesome to not have to work to be taxes to pay for children who are not yours.

Anonymous said...

So true. The overwhelming characteric of leftists is guidance by feelings not rationality

Anonymous said...

Nice article captain, this is an idea we should all follow.

But I come to your website when I have an idea to say. I was browsing jobs again, then came to my mind: is 'handyman' a discriminatory term ? Never done this work but seems like the 3D jobs ( demeaning, dirty or dangerous). Why do they insist to use terms like Police-women and such but no handy woman.

ok I got it, I'll post my next job ad:


On craigslist because its free. Or you better do it on craigslist, in europe its not so popular.

Cybro said...

Works the same with MGTOW. Tell your friends girlfriend that dating and marriage for men isn't worth the trouble. Watch how mad she gets and how fast she cuts your contact off with him.

ChrisP said...

Awesome. I'd love to see you explore this further in a youtube video and your podcast.

Also, I'm looking forward to your next book.

Anonymous said...

As a true liberal, I would respond with "how are your children?"

J C said...

Leftist arguments are essentially shit tests. We all know that one of the best ways through them (if you want to engage them) is agree and amplify.

Works there, works here.

Engaging them logically only makes them (and you) get angry. And when you get angry, you lose.

Anonymous said...

Atlas shrugged

Old Glory said...



I can't wait to see how much mileage I get out of this.

Anonymous said...

A Snarky Conservative says:

A True Liberal: How are your kids?
A Snarky Conservative: Great for getting more Government Green.

Anonymous said...

A True Liberal: How are your kids?
A Snarky Conservative: Great for getting more Government Green.

This is pure genius, Snarky. I love this one right. It is the answer.

Yep, I use the government worker one, and it gets even better when you are telling them that you are working on big projects that soak up billions.

Then tell them you are surfing the net most of the day and giving millions to consultants who actually do the work at premium prices.

Ah, not as sexy as "work part time on the side and live off of food stamps and government cheese."

Anonymous said...

Wait. You mean you don't?

Slaughtertool said...

In your book Enjoying the Decline you advocated not having children, right?

Hopw are you suppsed to fully cash in on the welfare state if you don´t have any? Anyone wanting children and a good life, the welfare state is the way to go!

hoenecke said...

Agree and Amplify. Those PUA's are on to something! -philip