Friday, November 15, 2013

The Destruction Principle

Gather 'round kids and let the ole Captain tell you a story which will explain the sometimes confusing and hypocritical behavior of leftists.

Many years ago me and my brother were engaged in glorious snow fort battle.  Never had he or I ever built stronger, sturdier snow forts.  We would go out at night and pour water on our forts so they would be reinforced with a 3 inch coating of ice.  So strong were the forts they were impenetrable to snow balls.  So we started (much to the concern of our mother) building and throwing ice balls.

While more dangerous, they were more effective, knocking off a chip of the snow fort here.  A chip of the snow fort there, and then we're hurriedly jump out of our forts to repair them while having a gentlemen's agreement to then attack the other side of our opponent's fort.

Then something dawned on me.

If I were to build a simple column of snow on the top of my fort, much like a thick snow flagpole, my brother would be tempted to knock it down.  This would then draw the majority of his fire and munitions, and he would waste those precious resources on a pointless target, while I could reinforce my fort and build more ice balls.

It worked.

Once built nearly all of his missiles were directed at the snow column and I was allowed to strengthen my fort.  Occasionally he would hit it, knocking it down and then celebrating.  But I would just put up a new column in a matter of seconds and continue on.

Naturally, this was quite some time ago.  But what I learned back in 1986 has always carried forward with me.  People like easy targets.

Now take this fact and apply it to the modern day leftists or liberal. Specifically, environmentalists and protestors.

Do you know why liberals are protesting fracking in the Bakken oil field?
Do you know why liberals are protesting against nuclear energy?
Do you know why liberals are protesting, well....anything they protest?

What they will tell you is that they are doing it for some noble cause or another.  To protect the environment.  To protect the children.  To save the whales.  But this is nothing but an outright lie.  However, what's really interesting about this lie is that they are telling it not so much to convince you about their nobility, but rather to convince themselves.

And this is where The Destruction Principle comes in.

Understand the single most defining characteristic of a liberal or a leftist is that they are lazy.  They do not want to work.  They do not want to strive.  They want an easy and paid-for life as much as possible.

However, the second most defining characteristic of a liberal or a leftist is their ego.  They have to be applauded.  They have to worshipped.  They have to be doing something that provides them and their ego validation.

Naturally, these two traits are mutually exclusive.  If you aren't going to work hard for a living, if you're not going to strive towards something, if you're incapable of rigor, then you will achieve nothing noteworthy and your ego will go unvalidated.  However, leftists' egos are so huge and so hungry they inevitably have to "do something," and so, just like my brother did in 1986, they go for easy, but pointless, targets.

Going green.
Driving a Prius.
Shopping at Whole Foods

All of these things are nothing more than substitutes for hard work, production, self-supportation, and genuine human value.  They are nothing more than rituals, no different than rituals performed at a church.  They are pointless, they achieve nothing, but they make their religious participants falsely "feel good about themselves."

However, where the "destruction" in The Destruction Principle comes in is where you have your environmentalists or your most vain and vile leftists.  For example, if some dolt wants to buy a Prius and smugly put their MPG on a vanity plate, they aren't really hurting anybody.  They are destroying nothing.  But if you have protestors who are going to shut down the Keystone XL pipeline, then you are costing people their lives, jobs, not to mention economic growth for the country.  You are causing destruction.

And that's The Destruction Principle.

In short, The Destruction Principle is:

"Worthless people, in order to validate their egos, but avoid any real work, will take the production, success, and work of others, villainize it, protest against it, and ultimately destroy it.  Not because other people's production, success and work was evil, but because it is easier to destroy other people's work that already exists, rather that build up something of genuine value yourself."

Now, understand just what negative-NPV-humans these vermin are.

They are so arrogant, so lazy, so full of themselves, they have no problems ruining the lives of others, just so they can feel good about themselves.

They are so vile, they don't mind holding up the economic growth of the entire nation, as long as they can go and protest against "global warming," "patriarchy," or any one of the fashionable leftists religions causes.

Worse, they are so evil they would rather destroy something that is good, because it's easier than working hard and producing something of value themselves.

Again, look at the Keystone pipeline.  To build that would take engineers, chemists, accountants, and skilled tradesmen.  But look at just one of the key opponents to it.  A worthless crusader who is deathly afraid of real work, never held a real job in her life, and will ruin the lives of millions to avoid it.

Now I know I receive some criticism and guff for simplifying things.  But it really is that simple.  People who don't like hard work or math are the cause of the majority of our problems today.  People who major in worthless degrees are declaring to the world they don't want to work hard, but still want to be in charge.  And when you throw in ego and The Destruction Principle, you have a veritable mental-cancer that infects people, has them attack others, and slowly kill off the body known as society.  I just wanted to identify and define the problem/symptom as that is the first step to solving problems.

Enjoy the decline!

(If you liked this post you would most likely enjoy my 8 part Youtube series on "Crusaderism")


Ras Al Ghul said...

"They want an easy and paid-for life as much as possible."

"They have to be applauded. They have to worshipped. They have to be doing something that provides them and their ego validation."

Coupled with the desire to destroy other people's lives, contribution and value. . .

You do realize that you are describing Cluster B personality disordered people.

Captain Capitalism said...

Hi Ras,

No, didn't know, but it doesn't surprise me. Being a leftist requires you be intellectually dishonest. Once you make that mistake, you have a mental problem.

Anonymous said...

I'd add that if they ever come to their senses there will be a huge psychological blow to their egos because they will be forced to admit they aren't bold eco warriors saving the planet etc, they are just a pack of worthless patsies who fell for and lived a lie.
Aint no way an intellectually gutless liberal is ever going to admit that....

robins111 said...

Pretty valid synopsis of the leftards.. well done sir

Eric B said...

Sounds like a typical bully. Do we redirect the emphasis we are seeing in the media on bullying to these lefty activists?

Anonymous said...

This is a perfect description of TV presenters

the local suits and skirts are especially stupid dumb as rocks
the lot of them

Anonymous said...

Every leftie I know or have had dealings with on a professional level fits this description to a T! They do not want to work, period.

Nicely done Cap'n!

Anonymous said...

You can't change the beast but, it can be starved. Starve the Beast to win the war.

Leif said...

If you were right, then we'd have nothing to fear from liberals. However, you're theory does not explain the high-end progressives. They populate Wall Street and Silicon Valley. They are smart, educate and extremely hard working. They don't want other people to pay for them, nor do they want adulation.

Rather, their very success convinces them that they know what is best for the rest of us. What they want is power - pure and unadulterated.

That is why they are so dangerous.

Ras Al Ghul said...

"Being a leftist requires you be intellectually dishonest. Once you make that mistake, you have a mental problem."

An elastic view of the truth is also cluster B characteristics.

It isn't a mistake but a symptom.

Anonymous said...

I DO shop at Wholefoods and drive a hybrid..

However I also DO have a full-time job that is technical and very productive.

Please don't generalize.. I work very hard so that I can be part of the solution and shop where I want to so that I can vote with my dollars.

I'm not being compassionate because of my EGO.. I'm doing so because I genuinely care about the environment and what we're doing with it. I question everything and don't just follow the herds and take the blue pill.

Personally, I can't deny that some things just feel wrong. This isn't an ego thing.. it's just a compassion thing.

For example, this is why I shop at Whole Foods:

It's the least I can do although I'm too selfish to quit my high paying job and really make a difference.

Captain Capitalism said...

Congrats Anon,

You are one of the few.

I will CONTINUE to GENERALIZE because how else are people to discuss matters.

Toughen up and don't take things personally if you know you don't follow the trend.

heresolong said...


One thing that you implied but didn't state specifically is why they feel the need to tear down the hard work of others. Given your analysis, which I agree with, it would make sense that they elevate their own minimal successes by minimizing the successes of others. If I can only build a one foot high column of snow it will look pathetic next to your eight foot high column. If I can tear yours down, however, and keep it from being more than a couple feet tall, my efforts now look relatively better.

Anon 4:19 It is impossible to discuss a topic without generalizing. You can't address every single individual situation. What you can do, however, is determine what "most" people in a situation do and discuss that. There will always be exceptions, they don't change the general rule. There are many good articles out there on "generalization" including, I think, a podcast or Youtube video by the Captain.

heresolong said...

Quick question on your Crusaderism series. Are the combined-into-one videos authorized or just someone doing it for their own amusement? I found what appears to be one giant Crusaderism video posted by James Ambas.

Father Marker said...

For the manosphere the creation of easy targets is a brilliant idea IMO. We can get on with the job of recruiting more young un's to the cause while the easy/unimportant targets are being attacked.

Unknown said...

"Worthless people, in order to validate their egos, but avoid any real work, will take the production, success, and work of others, villainize it, protest against it, and ultimately destroy it. Not because other people's production, success and work was evil, but because it is easier to destroy other people's work that already exists, rather that build up something of genuine value yourself."

It's envy, the predominant feelings of leftists.

Anonymous said...

Cappy ... This is one of your MOST insightful observations in the past year, even though it took about 500 too many words to make your point. Well done, sir!


Captain Capitalism said...

well you come up with brilliant genius batting at 1.000! I can't always spend my time writing brilliant stuff.

gotta fluff the pillows a little bit.

If I had some rich benefactor donate $200,000 then I could solely focus writing ONLY quality brilliance and things. since that ain't happening, I have to tend to other matters. Like cutting wood, and repairing the foundation, and updating classes to make sure they're compliant with 2014 tax law!

SewerDweller said...

To Anon @4:19

If you really did care about the environment, you wouldn't buy a hybrid.

Hybrids and electric cars, -especially- electric cars are significantly worse for the environment than 'normal' cars.

The battery packs alone are an environmental nightmare. From the refining of raw materiels to end-of-life recycling, modern batteries are toxic as all hell.

THen you have the REE magnets in the high output electric motors/generators.

Then you have the -fact- that the packs in those hybrids are only good for 3-5 years, and the replacement cost is more than replacing the entire -car-.

Which means you're changing out cars every 3-5 years.

While I'm driving a 1982 vw diesel that gets 50mpg, and has been chugging along for 30 some odd years. So, better gas milage, -and- lower carbon footprint than the -SIX- hybrids you would have had to buy to replace it.

But then, a 30 year old VW econobox,even a well kept one, isn't 'sexy' like a new hybrid.