Sunday, January 26, 2014

Caitlin Dewey

First, somebody get me a score for Caitlin Dewey on "The Clarey Test."

Second, let's commence.

Caitlin, and I'm going to be completely stereotyping and prejudgemental based on her photo, is a typical 20 something American woman who has swallowed whole the leftist, feminist indoctrination that is she incapable of seeing things from a male point of view. She also further confirms that she is a stack of cards of the MSM because she has only twice the followers I do on Twitter, BUT also has the advantage of large MSM outlet.

Again, I ask, "how serious or legit is the MSM when they employ people who are only marginally more popular than I am, and let them write articles on their platform?"

Anyway, she happened upon the Manosphere, found things revolting (or at least contrary to her feminist-centric brainwashing) and felt compelled to go on a rant here.

Girl meets male world.

I love articles like this because it shows just how much they've kept young women in an echo chamber.  Girl grows up used to the media hype and political indoctrination of how men "should" behave, but once those men no longer have jobs, careers, or futures, and start exposing their real selves,


Sorry, sweetheart.  This is how men are.

There is no further analysis required because, frankly, Caitlin's commentary is not deep nor though provoking.  It is just another datapoint.  Another anecdote.  Another case study.

She's just another girl

in the same ole boring MSM

that is carrying the 60's hippie's leftist torch

who is paid squat

and has less notoriety and fame than her internet counterparts.

The real story is why is Roosh and Matt Forney are making a living, simply being men, while Caitlin needs the entire power of the MSM and backing thereof to even make it on my radar today?

And yes, this will probably be the peak of her fame - me and other manospherians using her as a prop to advance our legitimate journalism.  If anybody hears of Ms. Dewey again, in any serious manner, I'd be surprised.


Stephanie said...

Obviously this woman does not understand the internet and copyright material. Nude pictures taken on a cell phone are not copyright material and can be shared online. The best way to not be a "victim" is to not take nude selfies of yourself and send them to your boyfriend. Easy solution.

Pete Brewster said...

More likely, Captain, she got the Post gig the same way all "empowered" female lefties get their break---by putting out for guys with the right connections. Manosphere journalists have to actually do the legwork. They can't just bend over for Daddy and get him to cover their cute asses when they don't deliver.

Cam said...


That is true, but I'm pretty sure there's more to it than that. You aren't allowed to post nudes within the private domain without consent depending on your state/province. That can include washrooms and changerooms at the very least. Moore may have crossed a boundary somewhere.

As for Ms. Dewey - ohh jeeesus (in the words of Bill Burr). The solipsism! Can't be bothered to consider the male perspective.

Anonymous said...

Um... Stephanie, under the Berne Convention, every photograph is immediately the copyright of the creator from the moment of creation for at least 25 years. And that revenge porn guy was arrested for hacking and stealing other people's photos, so even not sending them is insufficient protection.

Anonymous said...

I posted the following comment on her washington post article:

What a fascist you are, Caitlin. You're just another shining example that liberals are against freedom, against freedom of speech. You are destroying America with your anti-freedom communism, Caitlin. YOu should go move to North Korea since you clearly hate America's freedom so much.

theasdgamer said...

Caitlin is boring to men. Her hamsterizing appeals to women.

Stephanie said...

"every photograph is immediately the copyright of the creator from the moment of creation for at least 25 years."

I was not aware of the Berne Convention. However, it would be hard to protect women who take nude selfies considering the volume of them online. Also, in the same convention, what if a man takes a nude picture of his girlfriend. Is he the copyright holder for the next 25 years? I think it is just a more simple solution to not take nude photos in the first place. Once the photo is created, you cannot get it back.

Peregrine John said...

Yes, well, that would involve maturity, self-control, and some modicum of intelligence. Surely, Stephanie, you know how hideously oppressive that is! Next thing you know, these young goddesses will be responsible for their own actions! Clearly we can't have that.

Hmm. Maybe Pete's onto something: they heard that you had to "do the legwork" but totally misunderstood what that meant?

JT said...

Also, in the same convention, what if a man takes a nude picture of his girlfriend. Is he the copyright holder for the next 25 years?"

Yes, and not 25 years. His entire lifetime plus 50-70 years depending on the country.