Sunday, October 25, 2015

Why the Republicans Should Consult Tom Leykis

Ever since I've become aware of politics and certainly since I've followed it, the US has generally made a slow, but consistent movement to the left.  This is not measured by who was elected democrat or republican, but much more empirical and concrete measures, specifically, government as a percentage of the economy.  This measure, though going up and down, has generally trended upwards during my adult years to the point that we now (depending on which state you're in) pay around 40% of your money to the state, 43% if you consider inflation a tax (which it is).

When you compare this to the pre WWI average of 3%, you can see that America is not only nothing like what it used to be or the principles it was founded upon, but freedom, free markets, capitalism, and everything Western Civilization fought for these past 4,000 is also losing.

The only thing in a position to stop this is, laughably, the republican party.  And while I see many of the heads and establishment, RINO republicans doing nothing, if not advancing the progress of socialism, there are still some true believers in the party who insist on the principles the republican party theoretically stands for.

The irony, however, is that the establishment republicans, even though they have moved to the left, still keep getting their asses handed to them.  This is not Monday morning quarterbacking, but a fact.  They are the biggest pussies and pushovers, thinking appeasement and being nice is what's going to win over the American voting public.  And even though they

failed to stop Obamacare,
failed to make him a one term president,
failed to protect the integrity of the sovereignty of this nation


Trump's viable candidacy is proof "regularly every day" republicans (and people) are sick of their eunuch politics

they still are in such an elitist, blue blood, clueless echo chamber, they still don't know why they keep losing.

Which is why they should consult Tom Leykis.

Tom, largely stays out of politics.  He's too busy leading the young boys in this country out of the lies, propaganda, and deceit they were fed as children, helping them salvage what they can in their lives.  But some of the lessons he learned the hard way (trial and error) are vital, not just to young men of today, but today's ball-less republican party.  Specifically, "There's the door."

Unlike what young men were told their entire childhood and adolescent lives, women do NOT like being pampered, having their asses kissed, and having every whim satisfied.  Even more so, women respond more positively to a man who tells her "no" than one you says, "yes dear" each and every opportunity.  Ergo, after dating and marrying enough women, Tom finally learned to say, "There's the door."

"Tom buy me more stuff."
"There's the door."

"Tom, I want a cat."
"There's the door."

"Tom, you don't treat me well."
"There's the door."

He learned, although over many years and much pain, that to have a successful, productive, and above all else, respectable relationship with a woman you simply had to stick with your principles, hold your guns, and tell them "no."  And it's the precise same lesson the republicans have to learn about the American voting public.

The American voting public has been courted, successfully, by the democrats simply through bribery.  "Vote for me and I'll give you free shit."  And they fall for it because, in general, people are morons, can't do math, and don't want to do the math.  Their survivalist instincts always love free shit and they'll vote for it NEARLY every time.  However, the American public also at least respects the left because they get it done.  They stand for something.  They hold to their principles.

This is why they could get an out and out socialist elected twice as president and can get a publicly admitted socialist in Bernie Sanders elected too.

But the republican's response to this has been a bigger pussy move than one I pulled off buying a girl flowers in the 7th grade:

"We'll give you slightly less free stuff."

Unfortunately since this has no principle, stands for nothing, based in no plan, and is based in MIMICRY it comes off as the pussy move it is by simply confessing "We have NOTHING of value to offer you so we're going to try to be like the democrats."  This strategy is flawed in its design and has empirically and historically proven to be so.

Instead the republicans should insist on principle, insist on holding their guns, and simply say to the American people:

"There's the door."

"You don't like balanced budgets?"
There's the door.

"You want open borders?"
There's the door.

"You want free health care, and college tuition for shitty degrees?"
There's the door.

Simply insist on the rule that you will not violate your principles AND be willing to lose a couple elections if the American public is too stupid to insist you do.  Let the foolish American voting public vote in the socialists, vote in the democrats, jack up taxes, make everything "free," and let the American people get the government (and economy by the way) it so rightly deserves.

Then, and only then, like a spoiled girlfriend who stammers out the door, only to pay the price of her naivety in the real world, will you win these voters in the long run.  The left will NOT be able to deliver what they promised, but more importantly you present a CLEAR and DISTINCT alternative in politics, rather a confused, amorphous, muddled one that looks nothing more than "wanna be democrat."

Finally, and I say this not because it's politically incorrect, but because all politically incorrect statements are true, republicans lose elections because of women.  And it is the PRECISE same exact psychology where you tell a girl "there's the door" that she may claim to "hate you" initially, but in the end will at least respect you and inevitably sleep with you vote for you.

Imagine if you had told all these third wave feminists to fuck off instead of cowering like the cowards you are fearing they might call you "sexist?"

Imagine if you dared to cut their funding from the public universities and their women's studies programs?

Imagine if you "republican" "conservative" "traditional fathers" actually grabbed your balls out from your "elementary school teacher" wife's purse and said, "Son, here's how women, economics, and politics really work."

Imagine if instead of kissing illegal aliens' asses in fear you might lose "the Latino vote," you manned up and did what men have done for millennia and DEFENDED THE NATION.

Oh, you'd get heaps of scorn thrown on you, but many other women would admit to having the "voting VT's" for you as you were simply adhering to principle and being the epitome of man.

Of course, you aren't going to consult Tom Leykis.  And of course you aren't going to consult me.  And of course, you'll keep losing to the democrats.  You'll keep listening to Dick Morris and all the other "political analysts" with their masters degrees from the MSM.  But at least for some of you this horribly politically incorrect truthful reality will explain why the republicans keep losing, the left gets everything it wants, and why the only real strategy true freedom-loving, "normal" republicans have is to enjoy the decline.
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Anonymous said...

Tom Leykis saved my life.

Loved your article on ROK:

Speaking of job, here is the best way to quit an awful job and telling your asshole boss to go and fuck himself:

Glen Filthie said...

You do not understand the Old World Man, Captain - and they are the back bone of the Republican/conservative political right. None of you self proclaimed manly men of the Manosphere do. I have gotten laughing cramps from Vox Day and Roosh (but you do alright for the most part).

The Old World Man of the 40's and 50's that you want to revive would never tell his woman "There's the door." Fact is he would get her the cat, take her out when she needed it, and on occasion, pamper his woman. He did this to reciprocate his flawlessly cleaned house, a good meal when he got home from work, and maybe a foot or back rub after a hard day's work. He was courteous and considerate to all and took it upon himself to ensure that everyone in his home and community got a fair shake. If somebody was unhappy, he took it upon himself to find out why and correct it. That's what men did. He is a fossil from better times when half of America wasn't hell bent on trying to shaft the other half.

He is confounded by the unhappy woman that are at odds with common sense, their own biology and classical marriage. He doesn't understand this new breed of negro that wants all the trappings of wealth without having to work for them. He is baffled by these angry young men that can't seem to get along with women or hold his family together. He is a sitting duck for victim politics, race baiting, gender-benders and pretty much every other revolting stripe of leftist scum. When he loses - he loses like a gentleman. He is hurt and shamed by Vox Day and his legion of zit faced, teenaged Vile Faceless Minions - call him a 'cuckservative'. In The Old World Man's day people respected each other, the young respected their elders, and wives respected their men. Oh sure - he has been able to make some transitions to the modern world...but he is what he is: a product of different times.

It's interesting, actually. I am 50, and the generation gap between me and the Old World Men and Women in their 60' infinitesimally smaller than the gulf that yawns between me and you (you are in your early 40's if I recall). When they die off and are replaced by my age demographic...WE will be 'Old World People' too - as will you in your turn.

Logic, critical thought, and self control are not natural to the human animal Cap. We are falling to the state of most of the world and once your Decline is over with...we better hope and pray that the civilization that arises to replace this one - can enforce those qualities on us once again.

HawkMan said...

Huge fan, I just can't believe he voted for BO.

Aurini said...

Damn, Glen. That's what I run into whenever I speak to my elders, at Church, in my family. Sometimes I try and explain things to them - and they don't understand. Other times they think I have a morbid obsession. Still others, they're just frightened, and I feel bad for tearing away the mask of decency and exposing the foul underbelly to them.

grey enlightenment said...

idk..i would rather have lower taxes than a balanced budget. If you're ever read about modern monetary theory, you'll see that budget surpluses are not always good.

The Question said...

They won't ever take your advice, Cappy, for the same reason generals during World War I wouldn't stop sending their troops to their deaths by the thousands in useless human waves. They refuse to change strategy because they're REMFs telling the younger generation suffering in the trenches of our current political/cultural/social war what the sitrep is on the front lines, rather than the other way around, and they're voting according to this ignorance of the actual battlefield.

We've seen the rise of the Alt. Right because younger men are tired of "going over the top!" to the sound of bagpipe tunes and having their lives destroyed in the No Man's Land of our unsustainable zeitgeist, all on the "man up" orders of those who didn't and won't suffer the consequences of these disastrous strategies when the Piper finally comes to collect his payment.

mts1 said...

Glen, I have to beat Old World Man out of me as this is not the world I now inhabit. I wish we could go back but by the time it happens we'll be too old to enjoy it, but the new world man will. The loyal husband is a joke to financially fleece and cheat upon with society's dregs just to spite him more. A refined man dealing with feral women will not last. But this one loathes having to adopt the "abundance mentality of saying next all of the time to keep woman rotating since loss dread is the only thing that gets them to respect you," or die in divorce court under Marriage 2.0. All options are bad. I vacillate between being the asshole women want against Christian principle and getting quite good results from that vs. the mgtow idea that Cappy loathes and living by higher principle and eschewing modern harridan women and the black hole of nothing but endless crap tests that they bring to the table. When I'm sick and exhausted, rained upon and cold, with a twisted knee and a headache, and just want some relief I get more love from a pet who picks up on that and doubles down on head butts and cuddling (pushing next to me, its version of a hug) than on the usual woman who smells weakness and goes to pounce on how wrong I am today and pile on the misery.

I have no reason to laugh at Roosh or Vox or any of them. At least they don't have Old World Man's knowledge of a once better time where their father's brothers neighbors and co-workers had wifes who married for life and cared for them, so they can't plumb the loss like we can. Used to be, going home to the wife was where the soldier went to the m.a.s.h. tent in the rear to be patched and healed to once again go to the front, but now the battle is hot at home as much as in the workplace or the street.

Yep, OWM is the backbone of the conservative/evangelical populist leg of the GOP stool and the swing vote that gets its people elected. And in return the party gives them what modern wives give their noble White Knighting dumbbell husbands they've been cuckolding since their arrival after they left the D's when D's went wacko liberal. The party is on the edge of implode as OWM sits home in droves and a Trump sails to the top. He is, if anything, OWM's comeuppance and payback.

Glen needs this book that I read cover to cover to realize the GOP gives you lip service and the establishment takes your votes but really, really hates you as much as the old Workers' Paradise really, really hated its workers:

pyrrhus said...

Reading these comments about OWM and their inability to comprehend the obvious or change their behavior, I can only say that those who will not learn and will not face reality, will die.....