Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Episode #210 of The Clarey Podcast!

Cappy picks up golf for meditation.
Hiking in the rain with no destination.
Fan mail!  aka "Making the Jels Jealous"
More colleges who don't have "grades."
Never attend Purdue's Engineering Program


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Anonymous said...

Grades were how cheating shame culture Catholics and Jews dispossessed guilt culture Protestants and deists who always obey authority and play by the rules from political power in America (look at the Supreme Court) starting in the late 19th century. Asian students and slutty young women have simply made cheating so obvious that the practice of grading has become embarrassing and often outright abusive, and it can be removed now that legacy old stock Americans aren't going to figure out what went wrong and get their institutions back any time soon, if ever.

Actually, the fundamental theory of equality might just be that it improves overall quality by removing harmful rigged competition away from honest fair play conservatives, and this more than makes up for handouts to the underclass. If the latter are done right, they're good too. It's a strange and ironic occurrence when the left is doing here what benefits the right the most, and meta-ironic that this is a demonstration of thoughtlessness in educational institutions. It's postmodernism at its weirdest.

The loss of social trust in our time has ruined grading, even if it was a bad idea in the first place, and there is a legitimate loss in a niche of some challenging schools that once had a solid reputation for producing the most disciplined grinders (who would now be considered loser beta males who have to compete with Indians). They have been lost against the cheaters and against the more elitist schools that have different social ladders and opportunities than grades. It's mostly "second-tier" schools, which actually have the hardest coursework, that have been cut down the most in this era. But this is the backbone that holds up both the elites and the directional state colleges. There are potential short term problems here, even if removing grades is a long term benefit.

Plus, grades were always a subtle handout to girls and women who always do their homework on time and write nicer essays than males. Enough said.

Meritocracy was either going to select the most useful tools of the overclass, or the nastiest and sleaziest cheaters of the underclass who game the system the hardest and never get caught. It never benefits ordinary common man's dreams, and forget about the religious traditionalists.

Finally, I suspect much of the "autism" and other modern psychiatric problems aren't rooted in video games or cell phones or fidget spinners, but from competitive grading and being made to unnaturally look at classmates as enemies standing against one's rankings and future potential. This is mostly a consequence of the housing bubble within this generation, when having a school district full of smart (really just compliant) kids would make real estate prices go up faster for a while at the expense of unhappy childhoods and eventual adult neuroticism.

It's hard to let go of the idea that grading builds character or something, especially for older people, but this is a bad old idea that the younger generations can correctly call out for what it is. Maybe the study/cheat robot Asians can contribute to real multiculturalism at college if the grading culture would end.

Anonymous said...

Modern Beaver

Anonymous said...

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