Thursday, August 03, 2017

Marissa Mayer: "Fuck Motherhood"

Marissa, just stay the fuck home and raise your fucking kid.


Anonymous said...

She's a fucking feminist cunt

David Reynolds said...

Contrary to what the feminists like to spout, women can't have it all. They can't be career women and mothers and do both of them well. Apparently Ms. Mayer can't do either one of them worth a lick.

YIH said...

Why don't she run for (and fail to win) elected office again and again, like Carly Failurina?

Anonymous said...

People are now getting angry with this new movie:

Anonymous said...

I don't even understand the mindset. She's worth over half a billion dollars. Her kids, grandkids, great-grandkids, etc would be all set. Hell, she could put $500m of her net worth into some low risk portfolio and make $25,000,000 off the interest.

She's won. Why not be there for her kid? If I had $500m and a kid, I'd spend so much time hanging out w/ him or her, because they'd actually give me joy (versus work, which would give me aggravation and stress).

CT said...

Who doesn't want a CEO position at a somewhat established place?

Most CEO type jobs in established companies, you can work when you like within reason. It is the ultimate wealth - lots of time PLUS lots of money with golden parachutes insuring upper class lifestyle even if bad luck or incompetency happens. You rarely hear a CEO turn up homeless, only in jail.

The cliche of the CEO on the golf course on Tuesday afternoon and off all day Friday while the grunts pull overtime is realistic. Many CEOs have so much time, they can also serve on director boards of other companies and even pet charities. Try that with a working class 60 hour a week gig.

While there have been work-a-holic CEOs like Edison, Hilton, Ford, etc.. this time plus money cannot be ignored. It is not like she is deciding to work a 10 dollar an hour job while her husband works a 20 an hour one when the family really just needs someone around to make sure the kids are okay and getting where they need. With that kind of money and time, it is irrelevant and alien to us middle to working class. They can pay nannies 30 k a year that drive and STILL have time to be mommy/daddy.

Kids screw up? Throw money at it. Short of murdering someone or running a major drug lab, they will get off and have the connections when they get older to live well on their own. If you have resources, connections, and power any mistakes that wold crush one of us is only a minor setback to them.

Of course she wants a CEO job. Then she can be a mother when she wants and have the time and extreme cash most common folk only dream about. And, a security beyond the realm of most middle and working class gigs or even small business ownership that can easily go south given the right events leading to poverty or homelessness at worst.

The upper class are not subject to the problems the common man or woman face.

Nick Ruisi said...

She's looking for another company to wreck?