Tuesday, August 08, 2017

No, Your Child is Not "Amazing"


Jim Scrummy said...

Yep! My kids are not amazing. They are a work in progress by both my wife and me. It is hard work (and good work) to raise children, but it is also good to see the progress my wife and I have made with our children becoming decent human beings. Will our kids do "amazing things", not sure, and don't really care if they do. I just want them to be decent human beings, work hard (I always emphasize to be good in math, which means work hard at it to be good at it), play hard, and just enjoy life right now as a kid.

I have seen and heard other parents putting their kids on a pedestal, claiming how awesomely amazing their kids are... I just roll my eyes and laugh to myself. It is fun to see the delusion these parents have about their "awesome" parenting skills. They suck, and so do their kids. One parent told me how great her son is, and that he graduated with "honors" in political science...? He now has a career as a dog walker...? So, a political science degree will get you a career as a dogwalker. It would be different if he started his own dog walking company, but he works for someone else's dog walking company. He's lazy, and thinks the world owes him a job. That's what amazing gets you these days.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...