Friday, August 04, 2017

Your Last Month of Summer

Spend it wisely by roadtripping across the US to find out where you want to live and who you truly are.  Do not spend another year slaving away in a cubicle thinking you're going to get promoted to "Vice Reserve Manager."  Get in your car, grab a back pack, grab your tooth brush, and go.  And if you happen to know some young man or woman who is lost this summer and is really milquetoast about college, their future or their career, get them Reconnaissance Man.


minuteman said...

I am not at that stage in my life anymore, but I am thinking about where I might go when I retire. I'm not rich, but I am well off enough to have choices. As a result of that I just got back from a two week road tip to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Depending on how things work out, I can see myself going back.

Anonymous said...

When looking for places to relocate, ones road trips should be in August and January