Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Before You Buy a Business

Though he is a sponsor of my show, I wanted to plug David Barnett here on the blog because not only is his service one many of my blog readers might use, but it is vital you do if you intend to buy a business.

Short version, THERE IS A TON OF RISK in buying a business.  And you are statistically likely to LOSE MONEY on your "investment."

The solution?  Simple, don't.  Contact David over at Business Buyer Advantage.  He was a business broker for 25 years and now runs his own show replete with blog, YouTube Channel, books, and classes you can take that for AT MOST a couple grand up front, save you from losing your 401k, RRSP or filing for bankruptcy.

Trust me, I worked in banking and beginner entrepreneurs and business owners FAIL more than they succeed because they're too damn naive and optimistic about their chances. Contact David, tell him "The Captain sent ya" and make sure you don't ruin the next decade of your life.

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Steve West said...

Yup. I have read more business plans than I care to remember and not once did one say "then in year two run out of money and go out of business".