Saturday, January 06, 2018

The Hatred of Men in America

I said it before, women started this war.  Men will end it by simply walking away.


Carl said...

Yeah, Ive walked away. I know you have had your issues with MGTOW and you're right to point out the haters and losers. It has been my experience, however, that most who would would call themselves MGTOW, or actualize MGTOW without attributing a name to it, are simply not engaging. As you have learned; it ain't worth it.

An anecdote: I had a fling with a stripper a few years ago that was a watershed moment in my life. I went from a sexless marriage to a non-stop sex fest in a matter of a few weeks. Admittedly I was blue pill as hell and the fling was doomed to crash and burn but it did give me wonder enough to stumble upon TRP. Wow, what a game changer.

So anyway, I still have a friendly relationship with said stripper. To be thorough, it is important to state that she was an ex HA old lady for several years. Needless to say he treated her like shit and she claims, "he destroyed my self esteem." Also she is raising two teenage daughters alone.

The older teen daughter recently ran away from home and is shacking up with a "dangerous" boyfriend. I simply stated, "good for her, she knows what women really want." Went over like a lead balloon. The rest of the conversation was a litany of 'women just want to have fun' examples.

I replied with, "yeah".

Tucanae Services said...

Sadly the author of the piece describes the ailment but misreads the necessary prescription. Just shutting up only confirms the feminists world view.

Anonymous said...

Femisism is society killer and anyone who practices should be shunned like a lepper and shoved out of the community. The reason the West is dying is because of this cancer and it has turned into gynocentric worshipping shit show that turn men into indentured servants while using his own chilrdent as hostages. You can be imprisoned on her lie-- and when she is exposed as a fraud she suffers no consequences. Fuck that. Let it all burn.

Anonymous said...

Alternatively, the continued marginalization of men will eventually blow up in society’s face, and it will come in a number of ways and no one will like it.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The piper will ask for his due eventually.

Purge187 said...

I believe Cappy has made the distinction between true MGTOW and the ones who use it as an excuse to simply throw in the towel on life altogether. You should be wary of (especially Western) women, but you should always strive to improve yourself financially, physically and spiritually.

weka said...

Most women have internalised the Disney Princess training and, like Miley, have become Thots.

Thots are never with it.

A significant number of non Thor women are landwhalea

They are not with it.

Most of the remaining are social justice warriors.

Avoid SJWs, because they will betray you

The remaining women are worth it. You cannot have the one I married.

Wandering man said...

Men nowadays are in duck-and-cover mode. Simple as that.