Monday, January 01, 2018

Where's My Sugar Mama!!!??

The only flaw in this otherwise brilliant article is that he does not account for the fact that a disproportionate percentage of women's employment is with the state, non-profits, education, HR/CSR, and outright make work jobs.

In other economic words - unsustainable.

If we have women truly equal to men in terms of employment in fields such as engineering, accounting, IT, medicine, etc. etc., then these long term shifts and changes might result in a permanent overcoming of genetic programming.  But the true time stamp on this phenomenon is when governments run out of money and the economic production of the productive/economic industries can no longer produce the wealth and profits necessary to pay for the economically inefficient industries that allow for "diversity counselors," "professors," "lead facilitators," "activists," and "CSR heads."  (That, or simply a more aggressive culture takes over the pansified-male country either through war or breeding, and enforces much more medieval sexual norms on society.)

When that (either) happens, the genetic-biological-and-economic clock will reset and it will go back to how nature programmed us 2 million years ago.  But, by all means, keep believing women will be "manning up" and asking men out in 100 years.


Tucanae Services said...

"But, by all means, keep believing women will be "manning up" and asking men out in 100 years. "

If its just the asking out that happened about the time my son tuned 16. Females down here in texas have no inhibitions on that score. Its the ponying up the dinero that is at issue.

Anonymous said...

This is how they push socialism on naive, below average looking, young men. They convince them that more feminism, lgbt, redistribution, etc will increase the chances of them getting sex because women will magically need to approach the average looking guy.

In reality, all this socialism means less sex or no sex for below average men. A hundred women could get their sexual needs with just one 1% good looking guy. And the women will be happy to do so, and he will gladly supply the sex. Seems like a much more plausible scenario in an egalitarian world.

Un Americano said...

So, when will I be able to stay home while the woman Mans Up and Protects and Provides!?

Anonymous said...

The reality is that a woman can spend a few $ and get impregnated at a sperm bank. She does not need to impress or earn the favor of men, or get a PhD, to get a child.

Also, women equality means most women will chase the top 1% of good looking muscular men, while the majority of men will be sex deprived.

It is easy to see this, but feminism describes the future as the total opposite of reality. Feminism promises below average looking men that they will get laid. While at the same time promises below average women that they will get love and attention from the 1% of men, because equality.

I have the feeling that huge fortunes are being made out of this billion $ industry that is feminism. The author of that article lied with his vision just to get a well paid easy job, but there probably are people who earn millions of $ out of feminism.