Monday, January 15, 2018

Why Herman Cain Should've Been President

I delve into the true role racist politics should play in American government.  Republicans are at least noble and honest while the democrat party painfully made it clear they are a party of tyrants and not democracy when they screwed Bernie Sanders out of his rightful place in the primary.

Still, all that doesn't matter. Herman Cain should've been president, and if he was, it would have been a true testament to the fact minorities can indeed advance America foward.


Big D said...

"Republicans are at least noble and honest..."


The Republicans who tried to screw Trump out of the nomination?

"Read my lips, no new taxes" - A noble and honest Republican

Mark Matis said...

If Mr. Cain was any good, the eGOP would never have funded his campaign. And unlike President Trump, he does not have the means to fund a successful campaign himself. It gets old hearing the continual bleating about how much better off we would be if someone else had won. Just how much is it going to take for you to realize that the only other person who could have "won" in 2016 was Cankles???

Tucanae Services said...

I liked Cain. He had a good message and a knowledgeable life. Fact I still prefer him over Pence. As to Sanders... Grand Jury indictment kinda says it all. Just another liberal scoundrel.

Ping Jockey said...

(This is ironic -- I was thinking about this very thing yesterday)
I was incredibly disappointed when Herman Cain withdrew from the race when he did; I had spent years listening to him on the radio and I liked his conservative beliefs. He would have had my vote in a microsecond.

BTW -- I am a proud 'deplorable': white, conservative, veteran, and male.

YIH said...

Not a Herman Cain fan. His whole career was ''affirmative action'' which he supported then and probably still does. His track record post-prez campaign has not exactly been stellar either, he took over for the retiring Neil Boortz and took what was a top 10 national show down to about to the top 60. In fact, his show has just been reduced on it's affiliates to just one hour. Boortz had a four hour show that competed with Rush in it's fourth hour.
IMHO, here's what happened, unlike Trump in 2015-16, Cain never wanted to be prez. In fact he was probably as surprised as anyone else that his campaign did as well as it did (remember, as soon as the likely bogus ''sexual harassment'' claims came out, he quit, he never even tried to defend himself - think about that Cappy, if an old ''sexual harassment'' claim was put on you, would you bend over and quit? If so, why?). The point of his campaign was not the Presidency, it was to be Neil Boortz's replacement - and to do a promotional tour (campaign) the same way Rush, Hannity and Beck did early in their national radio careers. And in that regard it was a success.

mike18xx said...

Color me blasé. -- Here's the deal: If you're running for office, you should already be smart enough to know that the Left is going to gun for you any way it can, that they will eventually find a weapon, and fire it at you. Even if it's just a lie. And, when that happens, you can't back down.

He backed down.

Un Americano said...

Nope. Mr. Cain is not a Real Black Man©, so he wouldn't get much of the Black vote. If there is no gravy train of handouts, most Strong Black Women© will not vote.