Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Yes, It Is a Witch Hunt

And here are some interesting statistics to prove it (which I know 'statistics" and "empirical data" doesn't count in la la land of hating males and feminism, but reality doesn't care).


Take The Red Pill said...

The more that women try to criminalize normal heterosexual interactions with them, and the more they support proven false accusers, the more they should NOT be surprised that more men won't trust them, will avoid them, and want to have nothing to do with them.

MGTOW doesn't have to do any 'recruiting' to share its philosophy -- by their own actions, feminists and their "Useful Idiots" of the female population are the ones who do all of MGTOW's 'recruiting'.

Faithless Cynic said...

This is why prostitution will never be widely legalized. Having a safe, legal, and fairly cheap way to buy sex would destroy most man hating women. Modern women have nothing to offer men except sex, since their ideology forces them to hate and distrust men. Men have to bow to a nasty harpy to spend a few moments inside her. Feminism will die when some EVIIIL man invents a machine which gives a high dollar hooker grade blow job.

The " Lewinskytron " cannot be invented soon enough.

Eric said...

There is a new witch hunt against Michigan State coaches Izzo and Dantonio. A former MSU sexual assault councilor accused the two coaches of sweeping sexual assaults by players under the rug (despite the fact that several players were thrown off the team under their tenure). After Dantonio denied her claims, she released an email that used the words "rape culture". We clearly have a disgruntled SJW here. Of course these accusations first came out on the failing ESPN network desperate for ratings.

Anonymous said...

Are you really an economist? I feel like if you were you'd know that one of the limitations of statistics is that they don't "prove" anything. Also, you apparently don't know much about the legal system or feminism either (hint: it's got nothing to do with hating men, as literally every foundational text of the feminist movement would make clear to you if you ever bothered to read them). But, you know, ignorance is bliss, so keep fighting the good fight.