Monday, January 29, 2018

Why the World Hates Millennials

It's because of shit like this.


liberranter said...

Imagine standing Sean Connery, even today at age 88, next to some soy-saturated little millennial faggot. Connery would have more testosterone in his fingernails than the little millennial faggot would have in his entire manboy body.

What a sad, sick commentary on how far the world has fallen in a mere six decades.

Oh, and nonegenarian Connery could probably kick little millennial faggot soyboy's ass too.

David Reynolds said...

Millennial women deep down wished a real man like Sean Connery or Roger Moore would fuck their brains out.

Millennial men wish they could be half the man Sean Connery was and still is.

Pat Haney said...


We are going to be utterly screwed when this generation of nitwits us running the show.

Zero logic, reason, and even knowledge. You can't look at a 1950s or 1960s male, and judge him from today's morals and standards, let alone the current dimwittery of defining down what is rape.

They do the same thing with the founding fathers, claiming they were slave owners and thus racists. Where they? They were men of their times. Landowners without slaves were probably viewed with a gimlet eye similar to how these people today view "Climate Deniers".

Finding out the real deal - how men behaved in any given time, would take research (good luck finding a functioning history class) and work. "Meh. I'll just virtue signal instead".

Anonymous said...

Updates to the classic ones:

Dr. No Means No

For Your Alpha Eyes Only (Betas Need Not Apply)


Anonymous said...

These guys will never run the show. There are plenty of millenials that are smart and their family (fathers) put in the work to actually educate them.

These entitled losers with fake unearned self esteem yet huge internal self esteem issues, that draw attention will never have any decision power and will forever be low wage order obeying employees.

Jose Romero said...

these people have too much time in their hands! Instead of being productive they are just looking at dumb shit!