Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The Society of MTFU

New Sponsor for you Cappy Cappites.


Looks like a site that is dedicated to translating words into action, but I will let the sponsor's individual words speak for itself.  Consider visiting them!

When we started our brand we just wanted to sell cool t-shirts and hoodies.  But the brand quickly became something more than ‘just another apparel brand’, it became a symbol for people who were fed up with the direction our country is going.
MTFU is about taking responsibility for your decisions and actions.
MTFU is about standing up for what you believe in despite what other people think.
MTFU is about being the person you were meant to be instead of what other people what you to be.
It has nothing to do with gender, race, or economics.  It has to do with living your life to your potential and helping others around you to do the same.  Lifting each other up instead of tearing each other down.
We promise to do our part, but we’ll need your help to change the world.
Please help us by joining the MTFU revolution.


Jimmy Dee said...

Insteresting MTFU is out of Portland.....one of the least MTFU-y places I can think of.

Sean said...

Jimmy Dee - You're 100% correct, Portland is one of the least MTFU-y places. What's interesting is the amount of support we've received from people that we didn't expect we would be getting it from. Which confirms that what we're doing is important to a lot of people.