Saturday, April 11, 2009

Just a Fad

Because all it ever was, all it REALLY ever was, was an effortless hobby for worthless, intellectually lazy people who do not contribute to this world to make themselves feel better.



Hot Sam said...

The nation proved last summer that high gasoline prices trump any contrived concerns they have for the environment.

If high gas prices had lasted only a few more months, President McCain would be cutting taxes and attacking pirate bases in Somalia right now.

CBMTTek said...

Caring about the environment has always been a luxury affordable only to the wealthy. Not necessarily money wealthy, but food, shelter, and family life wealthy.

Third world countries are not damaging the environment because they are evil, or they do not care, they are polluting, or cutting down old growth forests, or whatever because feeding their population is more important then saving the forests for some unnamed future generation.

Anonymous said...

I suspect it is a little more sinister than that.

Every time the Republicans are in Office, "Homelessness" is reported constantly. When the Democrats are in Office, mysteriously all the articles about Homelessness disappear.
I beleive this is the same "attack" method. Now that Obama and Pelosi are in charge, the Environment is safe and homelessness does not exist.

Anonymous said...

I knew this was getting bad when I saw, just the other day, a girl of my generation freaking out over the thought of using bags for milk jugs.


As if 3 plastic bags would save an entire rainforest and it was that dire.

Arcane said...

"The Green Issue" of Vanity Fair reminds me of the silly Lexus advertisements that were running last fall where they were extolling all their "green" virtues by interviewing some modernist architect making ugly, environmentally friendly houses, or a high end chef who used only organic foods...

It's exactly what you say it is: a fad.

You may be interested in this paper by Ronald Inglehart... it describes how older generations are focused on security and economic growth, and how newer generations, growing up prosperous and no longer needing to be concerned like their parents, focus on "postmodern" concerns like the environment and economic equality.

Anonymous said...

Global Warming isn't dead yet. You can be sure it's dead only when the loonies take up another apocalyptic vision. Then, global warming will go down the memory hole along with the ozone hole, African desertification, acid rain, etc.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

The same thing is happening with the war in Iraq.
When is the last time you heard of an anti-war protest?

Captain My Captain (See Walt Whitman)
Thanks for the Vanity Fair link. Will rip it off soon.

Hot Sam said...

I generally agree with sepulchre's statements, but here in SF they had a relatively small anti-Iraq War protest in March. They actually railed against Obama for not withdrawing troops NOW and also for sending more to Afghanistan - where 9/11 started. These people HATE America.

I also agree with the general idea that dem campaign issues magically vanish as soon as they take office. Power is their only goal, not solving problems.

As for global warming, if the world gets hotter (for whatever reason), they'll say, "See, we were right!" If it gets colder, they'll either claim some hokey scientific climate paradox relating to the Atlantic Thermohaline Conveyor or claim credit for their anti-GW measures working. A nonexistent problem is the easiest to solve.