Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Convict Workout



Suz said...

I'll say!

convictworkout said...

Hey Cap'n,

Thanks for the interest - Truly appreciative.

Are you a fan of calisthenics also, in particular Convict Conditioning?

If not, or you're interested, drop me a line.


Anonymous said...

Love those workouts. I'm a fan! -allie

Unknown said...

Hey Convict Workout,

I wouldn't even know what calisthetics is, I just like a work out that requires no weights. Reason being is that I pursue minimalism and weights and a bench take up room and space.

Followed Victor Pride's work out and it helps, but I'm always looking for a better workout.


convictworkout said...

Hey Cap'n,

Calisthenics is exactly that. The use of your own body for resistance. I also take the minimalist approach when it comes to fitness.
There's a use for all the weights, but they don't align with my goals. I'm all about being able to control my bodies movements with control and balance.
This is the routine I'm currently following: ( DISCLAIMER: I don't get any thing from them )
If you'd like I can send you a .pdf of the book to take a look before / if you would like to purchase. Let me know and I'll drop you the link.
Prior to the Convict Conditioning routine I'm currently on, I followed: ( DISCLAIMER: I don't get any thing from Mark either )