Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Girl Game

When just "looking pretty" doesn't seem to cut it, learn "Girl Game!"

Warning, "Girl Game" or "GG" is full of truth and factual data.  GG is not for the weak at heart or people who prefer to be lied to even though it hurts their actual real world success.  You should not read GG if you are on antibiotics or blood pressure medicine.  Side effects include:
  • having a rude awakening
  • realizing you only consulted women about men, but not men themselves
  • changes on your part
  • acknowledgement you're not perfect
  • acceptance of competitors better looking and younger than you
  • having to cut your "must have" list in half
  • listening to what other men say
Consult your doctor before using Girl Game.

(language warning)


S.Lynn said...

Read this last night. Great article. Do you feel a shift in attitudes that women finally realize they are not "King"? I think the tide is slowly turning back. But very slowly. You'd have to capture it on a timed exposure to even notice it.

Traditional Wife said...

Good article and good advice. And the comments at the end are right on: Girl Game has no market because women really do not want or take relationship advice. It’s all “You Go Grrl Power” collusion.

I am married (together 18 years) and there are times I would like to give honest advice to my single friends to truly help them, but I know that I would just be attacked, dumped and branded a “jealous bitch” if I dared. It’s too bad – they are missing out on the one thing they claim to want so badly, but learn on their own they must.

Although lately I’ve been wondering just how much more entitled whining, complaining and judgment I can take before I give them a reality check!

And don’t get me started on all those female Facebook relationship experts…*eye roll* *gag*

Anonymous said...

Good Day Cappy Cap,

I don't know if you can see this show but it is hilarious! Pretty average girls up to their forties who might have some basic intelligence, but if they ever had to take a real test would probably be considered retarded.

No judgement though! LOL! Not allowed to do that!


Anonymous said...

Hey were you the one that turned me on to this?: http://www.cracked.com/blog/6-harsh-truths-that-will-make-you-better-person/

jso said...

a man would still have to be insane or gullible beyond belief to get married.

Lib Arts Major Making $31k/yr said...

"a warm and giving personality is going to be more alluring to Mr. Right than a cold and distant bitch who looks like a million bucks"

A lot of the article seems to be common sense, but hey with all the conditioning in place, you never know how badly that has been eroded in some folks.

Even so, in a world where even a Pre-Nump still can't guarantee that a chick won't take you to the cleaners to collect cash and prizes on the way out, what's in it for me?

A lot of the problems currently facing Marriage has to do with which gender is being trained to give (and what they give) in the deal versus what they're entitled to get for their efforts. If this exchange of goods / services was equitable, there would be far fewer issues. The problem is that it's not equitable and hasn't been for a while.

Traditional Wife said...

A follow-up to my comment earlier: I just couldn't take the hating on other women by a friend and told her to stop it since she wasn't much different than the one she was putting down - and boy, did I get in trouble!

Endless defensive texts and counter-attacks. I should have known better, but it happened in a moment of weakness.

NEVER, EVER be honest with a woman about her bad behaviors!! NEVER give her truthful feedback even if she asks - especially if you are another woman. Your life will be hell. Learned my lesson. :(