Friday, December 14, 2012

Proof Positive Feminists Are Psychotic

I want you to follow me in a little experiment.  And I'm being serious, I need to know if I'm missing something.

Victor Pride wrote a self-improvement piece for men.  You may not agree with all of his methods, but if you read it, I think the majority of men and women would agree the majority (though, not all) of his recommendations are good things men should pursue.

So riddle me this, riddle me that, Batman.  Why the hell would anybody ridicule his recommendations?

"Physically build something."  Mock it, ridicule it?

"Start a Business."  Mock it, ridicule it?

"Own your car outright/avoid debt."  Mock it, ridicule it?


I mean, if you want positive proof just how batshit insane feminists have become you needn't look any further than this "Jezebel" piece.  The fact they mock and ridicule fiscal responsibility, self-improvement, and production is only proof that the feminist movement is not only delusional, but they're destructive.  So people should do the OPPOSITE of what Victor is recommending?




Precisely what kind of world do modern day feminists believe in???  I'm just curious, where does the money come from?  Where does the production come from?  Who produces the things you need and innovates new products and methods that lowers their prices??  Or does mocking and ridiculing things like "production" and "independence" qualify as genuine economic production in the feminist interpretation of economics?

I expect no sane, adult reaction from the little girls at Jezebel, but rather am using them as an example for everybody else to learn from.

If feminism has been able to convince women (little girls, actually) that things like fiscal discipline, spending within your means, production, innovation, and independence are worthy of mockery and ridicule, then the whole movement is not just invalid, but evil and insane.  It is destructive and it is unfounded.

The question is whether people (especially women) are going to realize this and start to reject feminism for the co-opted evil political vehicle it has become, or just to continually subscribe to it for politically correct purposes, granting them the political capital they need to continue their evil agenda.

Regardless, enjoy the decline.


Don T Tread said...

What happened today is an instance where I am definitely not enjoying the decline. If there is a group of people who should not have to reap what others have sown, it's little kids like the ones slaughtered today. I think a caveat needs to be added to the "enjoy the decline" tag line, and that would be "except when it comes to little kids." I am fully on board with the enjoying the decline thing, but today is a dark day and I fear it is going to keep getting worse. I'm crying instead of laughing today. Hope to hear your thoughts on the tragedy in time, and I appreciate you waiting until all the facts are known to comment.

Unknown said...

I followed the link and left the following comment. I know it won't make a difference, but I wanted it recorded that not all women think like that.

My Comment:

"But what's so interesting to me about this community is that it's incredibly hateful and violent, but so vulnerable at the same time. It completely lacks self-awareness."

Pot meet kettle.

I'm a woman and embarrassed there are women who think this is an acceptable way to be. Your anger over the history of women's oppression is laughable - have you talked to your long dead ancestors for their opinion? Anger is a secondary emotion, what is the primary? Disappointment you didn't get prince charming? Sadness that riding the cock carousel leaves you empty? Frustration because no matter how much you stomp your feet no one really listens to you? Confusion because you know that at a deeper level you like a man who will take charge? (If you're gay then this particular excuse won't fly, but it would explain your lack of empathy for men). You're blind to yourself and will live your life for a cause that has ceased to make women's live better and in fact is contributing to their unhappiness. I know I will say nothing that will make you take a fresh look - and that saddens me.

Paul said...

Girls like to mock and ridicule. Beats working for a living. Just like 'academics' of very little intellectual capacity deconstruct the past giants of their field, because they cannot construct anything worthy themselves.

If you can't build yourself up to someone else's level, tear them down to yours. Feminism, communism, socialism, liberalism, etc. are basically outgrowths of this thought.

KurtP said...

I like building things.
My wife likes it that I like to build things.

She likes the furniture I build out of oak dunnage.

I had an idea for a pick-up that would probably get 50MPG, but I'm not even going to look at it for four years- because ...why?

Eoin MacAodh said...

Two possibilities. Either she only dislikes the idea that *men* are the ones doing traditionally masculine things, or she just hates the notion that anyone "should" do anything except loudly profess their love for women and gay people.

If the former, she's still a moron for openly mocking a proven route to happiness and fulfillment.

If the latter, she's a moron because this whole "society" thing doesn't work without an economy, which in turn doesn't work without participants. In turn, you don't get participants unless they are either forced to work or rewarded for their work, and cultural acceptance is part of the reward.

Anonymous said...

You know, I believe in all those things and get a real sense of joy out of building something with my hands. Go figure. Yes I'm female.

Anonymous said...

Her article gave me cancer.

Anonymous said...

I paid cash for my used Toyota Camry.

Anonymous said...

I personally like how the author didn't even bother to address some of the points the person made such as cutting down masturbation "HURRR JUST MORE SUPERSTITIOUS MAN CULT BS."

Actually, most of her points boil down to simply that.

Anonymous said...

The whole thing is incredibly juvenile. It's like Jezebel wanted to publish a two-minute hate on Victor Pride and needed to fill in the blanks with any old drivel they could come across.

Anonymous said...

I read this gentleman's article. I'm a woman. I can't argue with anything he said. I also read the "how to meet shy girls" article and, I can't really argue with anything said there either. It actually gives me a little more faith in humanity that someone actually still sees reality this way and isn't afraid to say it.

I think it is great that this guy talks about having power and authority over women, in leading them. That's a power that women want them to have.

And, if you're lucky enough to have an awesome dad, like mine, who was in the marine corp and is now the old dude who'll mess you up, you don't have to worry about a nice young man ever abusing that least, not without mysteriously falling off the face of the earth.

Faust said...

That article on Jezebel was a fascinating look into the mind of a modern woman. It was a tiny core of retarded argument ("You say a man shouldn't take orders? Well SOLDIERS take orders! Are you insulting soldiers? Huh? Are you?) surrounded by a thick layer of snark that's caked on like too much makeup.
It had nothing useful or interesting to say. The author didn't engage with Victor's writing, because she was simply incapable of doing so. She can't think, and she can't argue. All she can do is point and laugh like a bully.

Can you imagine being married to a woman like that? What that would be like? Can you imagine coming home every day to her? Waking up next to a woman who's incapable of any thought that isn't laced with sarcasm?

Suddenly celibacy doesn't seem so bad.

taterearl said...

Feminist women mock that stuff because they are jealous that they can't or won't do it.

It's easier to complain and put others down than to take on life and have an adventure.

Anonymous said...

Permit me the use of the feminist petard Captain.


"Feminists feel threatened by powerful men."

Get used to it chickie.


taterearl said...

And if that article doesn't prove most women crush the dreams of men...nothing will.

That's probably why the Catholic church has been going on for 2000 years. Women are never in a position of power.

heresolong said...


We don't have to revel in the suffering of others in order to enjoy the decline. What happened in Connecticut is a horror, but our society seems intent on doing nothing to stop it. The only "solutions" proposed include rants about the "gun culture", as though this type of thing couldn't happen without gun ownership, and as though these weren't still isolated incidents.

Until society realizes that action must be taken to restore morality, we will remain in decline and must do as much as we can to enjoy our lives, regardless of psychotic losers in our midst. We can continue to attempt to rebuild that moral compass but vocal elements of our society will continue to tear it down, as seen in the response to Victor's article.

Retrenched said...

Two words: Penis envy.

Anonymous said...

I thought those were very well stated. His living guidelines were for the most part, bang on. I did not like the cold shower advice. Thanks but no thanks, I like hot water in my shower.

In regards to the nonsensical lady`s response. Did you notice a common pattern with these types? They all have this bat shit crazy writing style. The content was bad enough, she is an idiot. But the way she writes is nauseating. Perhaps this writing style, appeals to other like minded crackpots.

Anonymous said...

If you have debts, you are tied down and often cannot afford to leave a job. If you do not own your own business, your wages as an employee can more easily be subject to a court order. It is simply another way of saying keep doing what you are doing so that I can find it much easier to get at your money when I divorce you.

CBMTTek said...

It is the three step process that is so completely ingrained into the liberal mindset that they probably do not even realize they are doing it, and doing it constantly.

Step 1: Change the subject (alternate, take a quote out of context)
Step 2: Build a strawman argument
Step 3: Launch a personal attack, or otherwise "close the argument"
Step 4: Declare yourself the winner.

And, HT to Chris Muir for so eloquently summarizing that entire process in three panels about three weeks ago.

Earl said...

A couple of years ago i happened to catch a clip on Oprah about a man building a sort of gothic castle on some property he own.When the camera panned into the audience the look on the woman's faces, they thought this was the silliest thing they had ever seen.
I remember thinking what exactly have these women done, what do they do for a living that is so worth while.
I also recall another clip of a man in his mid/late 30's, he lived very frugally, 15 year old car, furniture from Goodwill or something he would pick up from the side of the street. Of course the look on the woman's faces was of disgust and mockery. When the man said that by the time he is 40 he plans on retiring with the millions of dollars he had save and invested,the look on the women's faces was priceless.

ps Do a search on youtube for Jim Bishop to check out the castle.

Rachel & Robert said...

Real strength is not optional, neither is endurance. You need both to win a fight. I find crossfit works well. Certainly not the only way. Spend your time on whatever you hate most, it's probably your weak spot.

Ecclesiastes said...

I'm just happy she was so open about who she is.

Lindy West.

Well, now we know.

kurt9 said...

I don't think its simply a case of her not liking the message. I think the woman who wrote the jezebel response piece may be genuinely incapable of understanding context of the written or spoken word.

Anonymous said...

The "feminists" of today are communists, Cappy, they're communists. I don't know how many women subscribe to their lunacy.... well, no women, many girls. But, look at what they're mocking. They're communists.

madvillaiin said...

One reason they mock and ridicule is because it works. Feminists (and women in general) have been using it for decades to emasculate men, and then sleep with the men who had the balls to resist emasculation.

I agree with Heartiste when he says that the most effective response is to mock and ridicule back, mercilessly, in conjunction with solid argument and logic. He does this quite well, along with a few others in the manosphere.

Insults in themselves are pretty weak, and calmly arguing with their specific points is also generally ineffective (depending on who you're talking to). This is what conservatives have been doing with liberals for decades and it has been an embarrassing failure.

Tim said...

I laughed outta my chair with this feminist moronism going on about how rituals don't help. Rituals are all about getting your mind in the game and getting ready. Without a mind in the rebuilding of a life. Its for nothing

Unknown said...

I read the original article linked. Fellow lays it on a bit too thick, leaves himself rightfully open to some amount of ridicule.


I remember when I killed a slave so I could begin taking cold showers. My father, a man who retweeted that list if there ever was one, was proud of me that day.

Even blank slate proponents with a tenuous grip on reality sniff out a little truth here and there.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about the articles on that say:

- that contracting Herpes isn't a big deal
- that men can be just as nurturing to babies as women
- that pictures of vaginas are not sexual
- that Wonder Woman's bikini costume isn't sexist and degrading to women

Yes, feminists are quite insane, especially the ones on