Monday, December 03, 2012

The "Dave Foley" Moment

I have decided to term a new economic phrase:

"The Dave Foley Moment."

The Dave Foley Moment (DFM) is the instance where, regardless of government promises, the inability of the economy to produce the economic production  necessary to make good on those promises, trumps those promises, thus delivering the recipients of such government largess a harsh and cruel economic rude-awakening.

For example, the Canadian judge has ordered Dave Foley to pay child support and alimony equal to 4 times the amount of money he makes.  Governmental demands and promises made to Mr. Foley's ex be damned, the economic reality is that she will get nothing.  Mr. Foley does not make enough.

Another example is all the promises of socialist economies.  Food, wealth, health care.  It doesn't matter if Stalin or Mao "decreed" everyone is entitled to food, the economic reality is the empty shelves.

I believe in the near future the United States will have its fair share of "Dave Foley Moments."  For example all the classes of society that depend on government checks to pay for their lives will be very upset when, despite Barack Obama's guarantees they "entitled" to such largess, the productive members of society just up and go Galt, leaving the US Treasury without the funds to make good on those programs.

Old people will also have their DFM's when, sure, that social security check came in the mail, but because of significant inflation it only buys half of what it did a couple years ago.

Young people who voted for Hope and Change v. 2.0 will see their student loans crush their financial futures, not to mention the labor market realities crush their employment prospects when nobody hires the "Music Therapy" major, except Starbucks.

Oh, there's going to be a lot of Dave Foley Moments.  And it's just another instance of how god loves us and wants us to enjoy the decline!


Unknown said...

Even with all these "Dave Foley moments," certain people like the progressives, "liberals," and anyone on the far left will continue to vaguely blame the rich and the corporations for all their problems even when they can't pay rent or the mortgage with their history, philosophy, political science, or any fill in the blank studies degrees and parasitically keep demanding that they PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE until the economy becomes beyond unsustainable. Unless you're Susan Rice and have a former Federal Reserve governor and a mother who is education policy scholar at the Brookings Institute, received a Truman Scholarship, work mostly in government, and marry an ABC News producer, you will most likely end up working at Starbucks, hopefully regretting your idiotic decision to major in whatever you want without considering the real world costs and implications before hand, but also calling anyone who opposes Susan Rice becoming the next secretary of state as a "racist" or "sexist."

Jose said...

Obviously you don't have the appropriate credentials to understand the post-modern reality. This is a new world, where the laws of Person rule the laws of Nature.

Economics? Pah! The government creates regulations that stretch the laws of Physics! Physics, I say!

Clearly you need more education. I suggest a post-graduate degree in Identity Studies at a prestigious university's off-location extension school's co-branded campus.


coolstud said...

Hay captain, you gonna show this to the people. Its so important and very funny.

Its a PSA for college, explaining why graduates with staggering debt and no marketable skills aren't necessarily a bad thing... for the American Family.

CBMTTek said...

Apparently no one remembers the story of the goose that laid the golden eggs.

Serves them right. The thing I do not like is that my standard of living will have to suffer greatly before the unruly masses actually have to suffer any consequences of their greed.

Anonymous said...

7Hey Capt, your missing out on the funniest part of all. The Kids In The Hall comedy had a huge left wing and pro gay agenda. The TV show was featured on Canadian state television, known as the CBC. Similar to the BBC in Britain, they are a socialist propaganda broadcasting machine. The folks at the CBC are also very anti-American.

What happened to Foley and many other unjust divorce settlements, is a terrible injustice. But to see an anti-American socialist suffer under his own belief system. Well I guess, there has to be some justice in this world.

S.Lynn said...

My husband has decided to "Go Galt" for 2013. We have no bills and will be living off my meager check. Whatever he makes will go into the safe so we can pay cash for a retirement home outside of Kalifornication. His 6 figure + income will drop to under 100,000. CA can kiss off, so can the feds.

Dave said...

When a socialist economy runs out of other people's money, I say that it has "reached its Thatcher Point".

Cul-De-Sac Hero said...

Well, DF has no money and can't return home, but at least he has is own Moment named after him. DFM = brilliant.

It doesn't matter what happens to the economy, politicians and the political parties will still survive by blaming each other for the whole problem. They just don't care. Any cuts they try to do will be thwarted by the liberal justice system in the name of equal rights and human rights. Once the DFM hits, the government will just claim that money is meaningless and start a fresh new socialist empire. Isn't that the plan?

Anonymous said...

@ Roberto Severino--

If the liberals could see cause and effect to begin with, we wouldn't have all their already-implemented shit to deal with. The blind will never see.

Diane M.

Anonymous said...

all the classes of society that depend on government checks to pay for their lives will be very upset when, despite Barack Obama's guarantees they "entitled" to such largess, the productive members of society just up and go Galt, leaving the US Treasury without the funds to make good on those programs.

Doesn't matter if the productive "go Galt" or not. Fulfillment of government promises is mathematically impossible even if the productive people cooperate 100% with the confiscation of their wealth.

Randy McRoadkill said...

The words aren't my own, but they certainly apply: We are now past the good idea cutoff point.

Going Galt is of no consequence against a government that is willing to debase it's currency with reckless disregard of consequences.