Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Another Reason Feminists Tend to Be Ugly

I will selfishly (but accurately) claim  I pioneered a new line of thinking or "theory" as to why leftists and (especially) feminists are ugly.  In it's most refined and reduced form it is:

"Feminists and leftists are uglier than their conservative counterparts because maintaining physical beauty requires work, effort, and rigor; things antithetical to their leftist political ideology which entails laziness, the avoidance of rigor, and the least amount of effort."

Dalrock came up with a very interesting alternative, though not mutually-exclusive theory:

Feminists are miserly with their love.

Love is selflessness.  Putting somebody ahead of your own self.  And feminists are indeed a very selfish and self-centered lot.  I've pointed it out before and I'll point it out again, the Manosphere is infinitely more loving than feminists in that we actually care about what women want.  So much so we advocate lifting weights, losing weight, eating healthy, etc.  Whereas I ask, when is the last time you heard a feminist advocate staying skinny, getting implants, or cook a meal to make their man happy?  It's simple - they don't.  Matter of fact, they go the opposite direction and advocate such bullshit as "fat acceptance" and dare to lecture men to have the audacity to like what they are genetically programmed to.

This is why they tend not to be pretty.  Because "pretty" is an outward, outside, and selfless quality observed by OTHER PEOPLE.  A kindness or a courtesy you give to your fellow man (and woman) to:

maintain your physical shape
dress attractively
do yourself up and
just plain give a damn about your appearance.

But since feminists are so self-centered and are incapable of selflessness, they don't care what other people think.  They are incapable of empathy.  They are only capable of focusing on themselves.  And when somebody is so myopic and only care about themselves, then they are incapable of presenting beauty to other people.  Ergo, why most feminists tend to be ugly.

The two theories are actually the same, but I like Dalrock's view in that it shows you just what lonely, sad, pathetic and dysfunctional lives these women are living.  They are incapable of considering others.  They are incapable of love.  And it is the fear of effort, rigor and work that keeps them from enjoying the best life has to offer.

Oh well, you feminists enjoy the decline.


Carlos said...

May I offer a simpler, reverse explanation: That they are feminists BECAUSE they are ugly, and all the bitterness and insecurities that come with it.

They just dress it up with moral trappings.

Captain Capitalism said...

Ehhh...I have to disagree with you Carlos. There are VERY few people who are GENUINELY ugly. I mean if you're disfigured or suffered some kind of acid attack, sure, but most men and women if they stay in shape and are trim are attractive.

It really is the fat, sloth and laziness.

They are so lazy they don't want to exude the effort to get in shape.

How many girls have you seen and said, "if she just lost 30 pounds she'd be gorgeous."

But the benefits of gorgeous are not worth the calories of effort on their part.

They really are selfish, lazy, pathetic people. It would be sad that they wasted their lives if they weren't such arrogant bitches about themselves. to the radio said...

Getting implants?
You are crazy.
Bat shit fucking crazy.
Love is not surgically mutilating yourself to please your mate.

Captain Capitalism said...

It is.

Captain Capitalism said...

Why do men hit the gym?

dannyfrom504 said...

ever woman i know/knew with implants had VERY low self esteem because of their breast size.

very telling that damn near every girl with them will bust them out in a heart beat.

Malcolm said...

Estee Lauder once said "There are two kinds of women: those who are beautiful, and those who choose not to be." She was right.

Anonymous said...

"There are no ugly women, only lazy ones." - Helena Rubenstein

But yes, I agree, feminists love to say "My appearance and dress are for ME, so it's none of your damn business how I look!" This is pure infantile egotism. Our physical appearance is the outward manifestation of our inner self that we choose to share with the world. So yes, presenting yourself in a clean, hygienic and attractive way is a gift not only to you but to those around you. They're just wrapping up their innate laziness and selfishness in the trappings of political outrage.

Miss Conduct said...

This is my favorite topic in the area of feminism!

The manosphere writes with confident but clueless authority about what they think are women's motivations, but guys can never, ever understand that between women life is about 75% zero-sum beauty pageant. Maybe more. This includes what Athol Kay once described as look-what-my-vagina-bought-me (giant diamond wedding rings, botox, luxury cars, etc) (the remaining percentage concerns my-child-is-better competition).

The plump and plain feminists want very much to be considered pretty. Never doubt that. Maybe not the dykes, but all the others. Sailer's Law of Female Journalism applies perfectly here. It explains the war on fat-shaming and the war on dressing to please your man. Most liberal women believe competition is evil and will very earnestly try to persuade other women of this. "We should all COOPERATE!" I believe that they are not aware that their real motive is to get other women to stop trying so hard to look good so as to level the playing field.

I don't guess this in any way contradicts the Captain's speculations on why feminists are ugly.

You will never lose money betting on how much ugly women envy pretty ones.

orion said...

I think it goes both ways.

Women crave male attention and once they have succesfully uglified herself the cheapest way to get it is to be a raging, obnoxious bitch.

Dan said...

I think men go to the gym for a lot of reasons. The training involved in Olympic-style weightlifting is different from training to be a bodybuilder. For me it is about being able to do more activities - if I ride my bicycle enough, I will be in shape to climb Everest. The beauty of the natural world often exceeds that of women.

I'm not sure if your theory extends to libertarian feminists who would seek equal justice under the law or you just redefine feminism to include only liberal feminism.

JoeAmerica said...

Here is some interesting stuff to do with fat acceptance.
What someone thought was a strange add, interesting ones were what constituted "chubby" and BB guns for Christmas. Chubby would be nearly thin today.

Anonymous said...

Hitting the gym and getting implants are different. Men hit the gym for the same reasons that women hit the gym. Love may mean trying to please your mate but it also means accepting your mate as he/she is. Saying that women should get implants is like saying men should get implants, not like saying men should hit the gym.

Unknown said...

So many good laughs and so, so true!