Thursday, January 02, 2014

Intellectually Honest Professors Are Even Against College

From our southern agent in the field.


George guy said...

Here's how I'd like to run a university:

No professors employed directly by the institution. If you're a professor, you rent a slice of classroom time, plus an office if you want, and get your class listed on the school's registration form. Charge whatever tuition you think you can get away with; keep everything minus your rent.

Any problems with this model?

Adam said...

What's up Cap. This is the most important research a parent / prospective college student should review before choosing a school.

You will be shocked to see that the top schools are almost always private engineering schools, or schools with strong engineering programs, or Ivy league. I had the pleasure of attending #16, and even though I finished with $82K in debt, I payed it off in 6 years and bought a house in that same time period. My magic piece of paper says Electrical and Computer Engineering though, not Critical Gender Race Theory.
A couple years later I got my employer to pay for my Master's in the same. Let's just say Master's in ECE is kind of a big swinging dick resume wise.
Which brings me to my next point/rant - if you pay out of pocket for grad school you've gone full retard. Carefully select your first gig, preferably a huge mindless corporation, and they will almost always pay for grad school, or after a couple years of proving you can add value, pay for your grad school.

Of course, its more fun to stay on campus, take out loans from .Gov, and party for two more years. Anyone who says "I'm saying in grad school because the economy is bad" is a tool.