Friday, February 17, 2017

Blaming White People Does Not Produce GDP

First it was the Million Meg March, then it was a day without immigrants, then it was Netflix's "Dear White People," and these are merely three grains of sand to add to the desert of anti-white and anti-male propaganda that has been in full swing since the 90's.  I take a very indifferent and flippant attitude towards such things because when they're boiled down to their base elements, they're nothing more than socialists making a naked grab for other people's money while cowardly hiding behind their gender and their skin color.  However, this led me to a previous epiphany I've had before. Specifically, what do leftists do for a living?  While certainly some of the immigrants in the protest do indeed work, and one or two people at Netflix must do some real job, what precisely does the average Million Meg March participant do for a living?

Extend these three examples to leftists at large.  The Berkeley protestors that shut down Milo's attention whoring speech.  The protestors during Trump's inauguration.  And forget protestors, what about leftists in general?

Students, professional students, professors, academians, NGO employees, coffee slingers, activists, slacktivists, politicians, teachers, Peace Corp workers, AmeriCorp workers, public sector administrators, diversity counselors, diversity consultants, bloggers, vloggers, media personalities, etc. etc.

If you think about it, all they do is complain.  They never actually DO anything.  They never actually work.  Their entire "business" model, their entire profession, their entire life's existence is to bitch and whine, thereby rationalizing the theft of others (white males being the current target).

But I have bad news for leftists, regardless of your gender or skin color - complaining about white people and males doesn't produce GDP.

This makes me wonder, precisely what utopia are modern day leftists, especially academics, rushing towards?  Bar some Silicon Valley Virgins among them, none of them actually produce anything of economic value.  There are no farmers, no tradesmen, no butchers, no roofers.  There are no carpenters, mechanics, or almond growers.  Nearly all of the non-old-school-union-democrats offering nothing of tangible value to society, so who is going to keep the lights on?

Furthermore, like it or not, their most hated group - the Evil White Males - are the ones who do the majority of the producing and keeping the lights on.  This is in part because they account for the largest male percent of the US population, but it's also because (bar Asian males), white males enter professions that produce the majority of economic production, growth, and wealth (and is the number one reason they enjoy higher standards of living).  Without them, the United States would be a collapsed socialist hell hole, with a mere fraction of the standards of living it enjoys today...which will only serve to enrage the non-union left because, sadly, white males don't need you, but you need them.

Regardless, I'm writing this as a warning because what is guaranteed to happen is what always happens when the non-working, always complaining, academic, professorial, theoretical, air-conditioned class gets their way - communism.  And while to many leftists that is their goal, realize you're not all going to be professors.  You're all not going to be Vice Diversity Directors.  And realize you're not all going to be commissars, bureau chiefs, or life long public school teachers.  Like Zimbabwe, SOMEBODY is going to have to till the fields.  Somebody is going to have to go out at night to repair the downed electrical line.  And somebody will have to grow the food.  And all of you (especially you precious suburbanite white kids) with your worthless degrees, "Masters in Social Work," and whatever other unemployable, talentless dipshittery you claim to be an education, are simply incapable of producing those things.

This will ultimately culminate into one of two things.  A Zimbabwe like collapse where you replace competent, skilled, and trained people (white or not, male or not) with laughably incompetent replacements as the engines of economic growth


you will have to enslave the productive people to do your bidding while you play make-believe-leader at some made up, unnecessary government job or all work as "teeeeeaaacheersssss."  The latter of which will not work either because slaves are not as productive as free people, and well, frankly, at least half the men I know would rather kill as many of you as possible and die themselves before they get on that cattle car.

Of course, I could be wrong.  Perhaps somewhere in the world's financial exchanges there's a market for "Complaining About Whites."  Perhaps people are willing to pay good money and currency for "Fighting Against the Patriarchy."  And I know, like gold, your "Masters in Ethno-Victim-Whoring Studies" carries the cache and intrinsic value just like the skills of an electrician.

But, as an economist, if I had to put my money on it?  I'd say you'll all be eating dirt and boiling sewer water, wiping your asses with your "Doctorates in Anthropology," still psychotically obsessed with blaming it all on "white males" because your ego cannot sustain the fact you're an economically worthless person and you have nobody to blame but yourselves for your craptastic lives.

So please, for your own benefit.  So you don't waste any more of your finite and quickly dwindling life that you've wasted already.  Please do something of value BESIDES bitching about other people.  Because bitching and whining never solved anything.  And majoring in it to the tune of $150,000 in student debt doesn't help either.
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Zer said...

Wrong! Bitching and whining IS productive! It is called STIMULUS!

VFM #7916 said...

I'll take option #3: The Alt-Inquisition.

Anonymous said...

Great piece Cappy!

Take The Red Pill said...

These Leftist dimwits you describe should at least become acquainted with the story of Pol Pot, the Khmer Rouge, Cambodia, and the "Killing Fields" -- because it's their future.
MY future will be opposing them -- no matter what.

Anonymous said...

Well, Cappy, on the plus side, the market for pacifiers, diapers and baby bottles should be good. Heck, with their diapers on they can p*ss and moan at the same time.

Anonymous said...

"..frankly, at least half the men I know would rather kill as many of you as possible and die themselves before they get on that cattle car."

Considering +100 million firearms were purchased during Obama's presidency, mainly by white men, I would say that is a correct observation.

As a great man once said, "Fuck you. War."

Unknown said...

Cappy it gets worse for the dweebs.

Take your article. Now do a global replace of 'white male' with 'AI robot'. We are rapidly reaching the point where white males don't give a damn what some complainer thinks. But imagine when its a robot. The complaint won't even register.

The irony will be that the guy running the robot will be that nearly same white male that used to do it manually. Only now he tells 10 robots what to do while he sits by the pool sipping a MaiTai.