Friday, February 24, 2017

Why All of Academia is Bullshit

They are merely in it for the money and cushy life long jobs that avoids the real hard work and toil of the private sector.  Ergo, their studies are bunk, resulting in 2/3rds of now SCIENTIFIC STUDIES being unable to be replicated.


Black Poison Soul said...

So much evident quackery, have to say that it's awesome to see such a slap to the face of science on a "mainstream" news site.

They're definitely sucking off academia's teat there.

John G said...

Along with climate science apparently all of science is being politicized.

Darin Johnson said...

Failure to replicate is not evidence of poor science. There are only so many "true" things to be discovered. Odds are, many of the things that at first appear true will be the result of randomness.

The real problem is the infrequency with which these replication studies are performed.