Monday, February 06, 2017

Why Being Called a "Racist" or "Sexist" No Longer Means Anything

Right before I fell asleep I had a pleasant, though melancholy thought.  It was about how great it was to be a kid in the 80's.  The cartoons were great.   The movies were great.  We would bike everywhere.  We were the last generation of kids who could "just go outside and play."  And for those of us old enough to remember the 70's, we VERY MUCH appreciated the stability and jobs Ronald Reagan provided for our families (and I'm not even being disingenuous in the slightest, Ronald Reagan WAS a calming, father figure).  But perhaps #3 of the "Top 3 Things I Miss About the 80's" was that racism and sexism never entered my mind once during that entire decade...unlike the daily scourge it is today with the left and media constantly shoving it in our faces.

Think about that (or perhaps reminisce back to those days).

Days, weeks, months, even years, where you didn't have to worry about being called a racist, having "privilege," let alone watching your neighbors actively hating, even acting on the demise of the country.

We'd play with our buddy Luther (black kid).
We'd watch The Cosby Show.
And like every other kid we dressed like Michael Jackson in the 4th grade Halloween party (we had those in school).

And nobody batted an eye.  Want to know why?

Because nobody was racist or sexist.  It was a nice time.  A wonderful time.  And I'd dare say that if an HONEST sociologist (ha ha, I know) were to study it, I'd bet we'd find race and sex relations to be at a peak during the 80's (bar the Olympiad Baby Boomers who were specializing in divorce at the time).

Enter in the reliable left.

With a game that is as old as 2nd wave feminism, but a new one we didn't recognize at the time, a concerted and conscious effort to split the country along the lines of race, gender, ethnicity, and religion, pitting them against one another, while making "whites," "straights," and "males" the villain, was implemented and pursued aggressively.  The attack increased and intensified over time into the 90's, and the crescendo hasn't relented, resulting in the never ending and daily cacophony of accusations of people being an "ist" of some sort today.  It has gotten so absurd the left borrowed a page from the Christian playbook accusing all people of having "original sin," manifesting itself as "privilege" and "institutional racism/sexism," meaning me and my 8 year old cohorts in 1983 actually were racist against Luther and sexist again Christy, we just didn't know it, AND we are certainly oppressing minorities and women today.  And while pitting neighbor against neighbor, friend against friend, and destroying the sexes for one another for two full generations is a digusting sin the left will never be forced to atone for, one cannot deny they were entirely successful with it.

Two full generations, both Gen X and the Millennials, were so steeped in this leftist brainwashing in school and college that they either forgot the halcyonic days of the 80's, or never got to experience the joy of a truly post racial society.  Conditioned to blame the triumvirate bogeyman of "white," "male," and "straight," you not only have the majority of the population obsessing about race and sex, but the media and academia, now both thoroughly taken over by brainwashed (and talentless I might ad) Gen X and Millennials, is only capable of obsessing over race and gender, penning scores of pieces daily that do nothing but propagate the fires of racism and sexism.  Ergo not only is "racism" and "sexism" the fake topic dejour they've been conditioned to write about, that's all they seem to write about, obsess over, and discuss.  And while it may anger those of us who don't like being falsely accused of "unconscious sexism" or "racism," because of the number AND intensity by which Gen X and CERTAINLY the Millennials obsess over it, their constant mentioning of it does one thing...

It lessens their value.

Matter of fact, I wouldn't say the constant choir and accusations of racism and sexism lessens the value of their meaning, but at the rate Gen X and Millennials are going, it makes these words completely meaningless.  And if you don't believe me, just think about it.  If you had to hire somebody who was accused of being a racist in 1990, would you hire him?   Likely not.  But today if somebody was called a "racist" or a "sexist" you're almost more likely to hire that person simply because

1.  Not only do millennials and Gen Xer's call everybody that bests them a racist or sexist, but
2.  It means that person probably stood for something and therefore has character

But the real reason the terms racist and sexist no longer carry any meaning is simple economics.  They've been overused.  The baby boomer left was certainly successful in getting two generations to blame everything on skin color and "vagina," but in doing so flooded the US public forum with the word to the point the law of supply means those words mean nothing.  We don't have data going back to the glory days of the 80's, but in just the 12 years of Google trend data that is available (and indexing them to those years) we see just how over used the terms "racist" and "sexist" are.

From 2004, when the strategy of falsely accusing people of of racism and sexism was certainly in full swing, this cowardly (but highly successful) tactic tripled upon its previous success to today.  People are talking and I would say accusing people of being an "ist" at thrice the rate they were in 2004. When you look at the despicable and cowardly term "glass ceiling" it's even more exponentially repugnant, showing a increase of 10 TIMES that in 2004

But for all that success in getting society to hate itself and loathe their neighbors, to saner minds, to more mature people, and to people who simply don't have their heads up their ass, such an overuse of the terms now renders them useless.  You don't have to be an economist to know that when you triple or increase supply 10 fold the value of whatever you are supplying will tank.  If I triple the number of XBox's in the market, triple the number of girls at a night club, or GM triples their production, the value of said items will crash.  And with words it's no different.

According to the left EVERYBODY's a racist.
According to feminists "EVERYBODY'S a sexist.

To para-quote Syndrome from "The Incredibles"

"When every one's a racist/sexist, then no one will be."
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jHans Walther said...

I was a Greyhound bus driver back in the 1970's and I was taking tickets in the Los Angeles bus terminal for a run up the coast. A black gal didn't have the correct ticket so I suggested she go back to the ticket agent and get the ticket corrected. She looked at me and said "You a racist, ain't you!" I smiled and calmly replied, "Darlin', I don't hate you, I hate everybody." She didn't say a word and went back to the ticket counter.

Take The Red Pill said...

If you are a hated "Evil White Privileged Male", you can count on being called a 'racist', a'sexist/misogynist', a 'Nazi', a 'homophobe', etc. whenever some self-appointed 'commissar' of whichever appropriate group disagrees with or doesn't like something that you say or do.
One of my favorite T-shirts from the 90's read, "'WHITE' does NOT mean 'racist'; 'HETEROSEXUAL' does NOT mean 'homophobic'; 'MALE' does NOT mean 'sexist'".

Bike Bubba said...

We would infer that, far from creating a color-blind or post-racial society, former President Obama actually succeeded at setting the "races" at each other's throats. And that's a shame.

Ben said...

Listen Reagan:

Alice De Goon said...

I penned an anthem for the modern student protestor. Sung to the tune of "Little Boxes" (original song here.)

Little signs all made of cardboard
Bearing Communistic slogans
Being waved by screaming children,
Who are all dressed just the same.
Some have green hair, some have pink hair
Some have blue hair, some have yellow hair
But they all love Che Guevara
And they all look just the same.

And these kids were raised in nice towns
And went to the university,
Where their Marxist Professors
Taught them about Hate and Shame,
About "White Privilege" and the Knapsack
And 'bout intersectionality,
And how White Men were the Devil,
Now they all think just the same.

And these Children got degrees
in Black-Chicano-Asian-Tranny Studies,
And they learned all of the buzzwords
that would help them hate and shame,
"You're a racist!" "You're a sexist!"
"You are trans and homo-phobic!"
And they screamed about Social Justice,
And they all sound just the same.

And these children jointed Antifa,
And they burned down the University,
Where they were taught all the buzzwords
that would help them hate and shame.
And they wave their signs of cardboard,
And they scream about love and tolerance,
As the world burns down around them,
And they all act....quite insane.

Doug Cranmer said...

"Darlin'" That's sexist!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, when a lie is repeated long enough, it becomes accepted as truth. That means we must call bs every chance we get.

A Texan said...

I'm tired of 'duh-versity'. Those who cannot grasp the basics of Western civilized society need to be physically removed somehow. I'm more a 'trashist', since there are trashy white people, but the statistics are saying something here.

Tucanae Services said...

Boy if you think growing up as a kid in the 70's and 80's was great, you should have been me growing up in the late 50's. It was not just great, it was glorious. We did not have to lock our doors. There was no term for 'latch key kid'. You could knock on any door in the neighborhood and the lady of the house had cake/cookies/jam and a tall glass of milk for you to munch on. The retired gents were not 'predators' and taught you how to fix your bike like a pro.

Aaaaah THOSE were the good times.

Jim Scrummy said...

You forgot fascist and nazi...

Mike said...

The easiest way to handle a feminist:

Mike said...

The easiest way to handle a feminist:

Tom de Plume said...

Visiting Iceland right now, enjoying the decline. There is an exhibit at the national museum right now on racism and the local schoolchildren are all being marched in to discover how hateful these people are who had never seen a lack person until this century.

Anonymous said...

You weren't around much diversity in the 80's were you?