Sunday, February 19, 2017

Why We Need Profit - Sound Cloud

If you are wondering where the podcast has gone and why I haven't been able to upload one recently, looks like SoundCloud has ran out of money, and thus, juice to keep the lights on.

When you f#cking idiot leftists wonder "why is profit so important" or if it's even necessary, this is why.  Because if there's no money to be made, then why would people, investors, workers, or managers, show the f up to work.

Currently driving across the US in an RV, will find a new host to host the Clarey Podcast later.  Might through it up on YouTube in the meantime.


Cynic In Chief said... has been friendly to alt-right podcasters, check them out.

Post Alley Crackpot said...

Why is it so hard for people who want multiple income streams to accept that they also need to implement multiple service options?

SoundCloud was your only streaming hosting provider and they're going buh-bye?

WELL SUCK IT UP, BUTTERCUP! You're going to need a better strategy!

CA3 said...

Why make yourself work harder on something so simple? If you're going to collect the podcasts later into a volume for sale, why not just upload them to your dailymotion account since you've already got that set up?

heresolong said...

Youtube: Requires me to sit and watch something which means I can't do it unless I have nothing else to do, and stream only rather than save for later so requires bandwidth if not near wireless

dailymotion: Requires me to rip the audio from video in order to listen to it on my phone or in my car

connectpal: Requires me to download episodes after they are posted before I can listen

What these three all have in common (as does the old server Cappie used to host on) is that the listener has to spend time finding and downloading or converting (in youtube's case in violation of their service agreement) files to listen to later. I use Pocket Casts to fetch RSS feeds for me. I have it set up so that they only download to my phone when I am connected to wireless, thus saving me money on data. I don't have to browse around the interwebz finding stuff to listen to as it automatically drops new content into the phone for me. I find that if I have to go fetch it, I don't get around to it. I have a subscription on Connectpal to a fellow whose work I like, almost never actually listen because it's easier just to listen to what is delivered directly.

Anonymous said...

This was actually a great example and metaphor for the things you expound upon. I mean on the one hand that'd suck if they disappear (though I don't personally use soundcloud much aside from as a way to access something. Kind of like a "point a to point b" is all it is to me. On the other hand, this means they'd be a cheap & easy buy for a whole host of other companies that have their sh*t more together and as you said, shows Why people work in the first place and why the fruition of something matters.