Thursday, February 02, 2017

So Much Winning

Trump shouldn't stop at Berkeley. 


Anonymous said...

You know,'s strange. I'm not tired of winning yet.

liberranter said...

An even better idea than cutting federal funding:

Anonymous said...

No, Trump should blow it up

Anonymous said...

Ha I thought your title read "So Much Whining". Which is also true, as the two go hand in hand.

We (Trump) might be winning in the front line trenches to purge our government of its progressive pathology and encapsulate the kultural overloards in the amber of their own delusional tears, but if we are to win in the long game, converting males into men will be critical.

I'm encouraged that some men seem to be waking up to just how hostile, violent, intolerant, and totalitarian the left really is, but until they start behaving as the targets they are, showing their disgust, and voicing their desire for change - IOW showing balls and backbone, their apathy will get the better of them, as it has for males like them for the past 50+ years.

The number of males at those barren-womb marches, however, was not so encouraging in this regard.

Reign in your woman. Bring back shaming. Take a bit of social risk to stand your ground and make it known that the feminazi and other socialist ills are dirty, ugly, and dangerous. Or else we'll continue to pay the price for pluralistic ignorance.

If you lose a facebag "friend" or even real life friend over your beliefs, they were never going to be your friend when it counted anyhow. And it is looking increasingly probable that there will be a time when the atomizing will demand that we pick a side. Where will your "friends" be then?

There is but one Truth, one Western Civilization. Even if the West is doomed, there will need to be men in the next generation(s) prepared to forge a new way. Might as well start now.

Anonymous said...

"Sanction of the Victim." Ayn Rand said it decades ago. Enabling or supporting those that seek to destroy you or your values. Federal government built on things like free speech, funds a club otherwise known as modern colleges aka bastions of social programming (there's very little learning that goes on, really) that openly attempt to limit free speech or sides with violence intended to silence? That would be sanctioning. Take away the sanctions. Not all education is created equal. Some, in fact, makes you dumber. At least if you believe it.

Mark Matis said...

Even better, liberranter, why not let the terrorists do that themselves? To every shiitehole hive across this entire country? After all, those hives ARE the basis for the power of the One World Government crowd. If they burn themselves to the ground, what's not to like?

A Texan said...

If the leftist want a low level civil war, let us give it to them. I won't enjoy missing out some comforts while it is in motion, but these loser parasites are heading us in that direction anyway with their unchecked immigration views and this retarded idea that government is the source of free crap.