Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Negro Manosphere

If you don't know, Oshay Jackson is an up-and-coming-and-blowing-people-out-of-the-water YouTuber directly chartering the black male community with agency, purpose and responsibility.  I wanted to highlight his channel not just for him kindly plugging my book a while back, but to provide a resource to any young black men out there who would like to hear another black man's voice.  His blog can be found here and his YouTube channel here.  Stop in and say hello.


Anonymous said...

Both links go to his Youtube channel.

CA3 said...

I'll check out the guys youtube, but I'll pass on any further probing of the negromanosphere site. I posted a few comments there on their articles and the next day without any announcements the site rolled out it's use of the disqus blog comment hosting service. This wouldn't be a problem if disqus itself hadn't declared their decision to go full tilt SJW two weeks ago courtesy of Mario Paganini's onsite blog posting of the following:

I've interacted with enough black Americans and most are completely ignorant as to how closely scrutinized and manipulated they are as a collective population. They voice varying leftist ideologies to such a point that I avoid many of them because I know even mild insanity is something to be weary of. That said, I'm not inclined to think Mr. Jackson is likely to offer any superior counsel to males, black, white or miscellaneous than you have thus far. However, I hold out hopes further interactions with you might help him push past the fog of social engineering he's likely spent much of his life in.