Thursday, February 16, 2017

Word Hyperinflation - "Fascist"

Applying economics and the Law of Supply to language, when a market is flooded with a term or a word, especially when it is being used for ulterior motives, it lessens the value of said word.  I'm of the economic belief that there is a direct and linear relationship between the supply of money and it's value, thus if you double the money supply you lessen the value of the money by half.  However, applying the same principle to words the left likes to use when it's losing an argument, I decided to look up the word "fascist" because all the cool kids are using it now to describe a democratically-elected president...who also is looking to lessen government involvement in business and society...which is the exact OPPOSITE of what fascism is.

Regardless, SJW's, antifa's, millennials, and other ignorants have abused the term "fascist" so much that the market has been flooded with 5 TIMES the amount of "fascist" as historically normal.  This means today the word carries roughly only 20% of the value it used to and can officially be considered meaningless by adults and mature responsible people.

This has been your "Word Hyperinflationary Moment"


Tucanae Services said...

One of the values of language is knowing when NOT to use it. Like for example "... because all the cool kids are using it now to describe a democratically-elected president...". The problem with that interjection is that it reinforces the antifa mindset. Why? Because Hitler himself rose to power having been duly elected. Now I am not attempting to equate Trump to Hitler. But your argument could be made without the above reference, cause as it is it gives the cool kids the oral argument to move the goal posts.

Survivorman said...

Also "racist" - the term has devolved into meaninglessness.

Take The Red Pill said...

Also "misogynist"; all Red Pill men know it just means some Evil Man criticized a 'Special Snowflake with a vagina', or either said something she disagreed with or didn't like. It's usually used to appeal to cucks, manginas, White Knights (sometimes in Blue Uniforms), and Captain-Save-a-'ho's.

Anonymous said...

Funny (or tragic) thing is the antifa/SJW crowd fails to see the irony when they use that word.

Let's see, riots, lootings, burnings, attacking any way possible anyone who doesn't toe their line, demonizing those people as subhuman, and other acts not much unlike Germany circa 1930s.....who is doing all that?

It isn't the people who voted for Trump.