Friday, February 10, 2017

Dr. John Bates, Global Warming Whistleblower, Confirms Bias of "Climatologists" and NOAA

I don't know how much more proof you people need to see global warming is a scam.

Oh, wait, that's right.  You're worthless people with nothing of real value or purpose in your lives so you subscribe to this global warming religion all so you can feel good about yourself without putting for the effort required of real achievements.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be nice to see all these phony, fear mongering bastards rotting in a jail cell with the heat turned up so that they can truly experience "global warming"! Let them drown in their own sweat!!

Borepatch said...

It's actually worse than this. They feel good about themselves while advocating for economic policies that punish the poor by raising energy prices and eliminating manufacturing jobs. Actually, the manufacturing jobs aren't eliminated, they're just off-shored to locations that don't have environmental protections.

So the lefties feel good about themselves as they impoverish the poor and make the environment worse. Talk about worthless.

Jay said...

I clearly remember in the 70s they were all convinced we were headed into a new Ice age. By 2000 we should have been covered in Ice. I also remember reading in either Discover or Scientific American an interview with a Man who had a solution to the Problem. What problem, you ask? The problem with Capitalism. It was unfair, it seems. Wealth needed to be re-distributed to poorer countries. He never bothered to point out that all these poor countries had no free markets and were ruled by dictators.
His plan was to introduce the concept of 'Carbon Credits' to transfer this wealth. I thought it sounded like the dumbest shell game I had ever hear of and couldn't believe he was being given a platform in a science magazine.
It was years later before I heard Carbon credits being used alongside CAGW as a solution to that 'problem.' I guess they realized that outright theft would be poorly received. CAGW is about theft, and nothing else.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

"Without putting for the effort of" proofreading (on your part).

Actually global warming IS a fact. But just not to the extent they say it is.
There tends to be a lot of hyperbole surrounding their claims.
And there are just as many natural causes for it as there are man-made.

Anyone can argue this issue two or more ways and find any number of "experts" to back up their claim as this subject is quite subjective anyway. It would simply be a matter of whatever partisan factions said "expert" gravitates toward.

Anonymous said...

When Marxism died and nobody cried
There were some who faced it with dread,
"Wealth doesn't transfer all on its own,"
The global elitists all said.

So a new plan was hatched to steal the cash
from those who produced in the west.
Text the hell out of carbon and called it a bargain,
and tell them it's all for the best.

They can't tolerate any hint of debate,
and they shame everyone who denies.
Global warming's the name of this lucrative game,
and redistribution's the prize!