Monday, September 18, 2017

An Actual Example of Racism

And stupidity on top of it.  How in f#cks name do you shoot yourself in the SHOULDER???


Anonymous said...

This is the best part:

"He holds an associate’s degree in law enforcement and completed law enforcement skills training at Hennepin Technical College."

flighter said...

It sounds like your getting angry. Maybe you should follow your own advice and not watch the news. 😉

Faithless Cynic said...

Stupid people should carry a double action only pistol, carry with an empty chamber, or carry only a baseball bat :-). I was a range officer on a pistol range years ago and saw every example of mishandling under the sun. I have had a 9 MM with round chambered, hammer cocked, and finger on the trigger pointed at my nuts. Remember the three rules and all will be well:

All firearms are ALWAYS loaded

Keep finger off trigger until sights are on target

Never point a firearm at anything you do not want to shoot.

Follow the rules. Problem solved.

Romney Meredith said...

Easy - a Minnesota mosquito the size of a dachshund probably landed on his shoulder and the gun went off when he tried to use it to squash the bloodsucker.