Monday, September 18, 2017

Ladies, Your Career is More Important Than ANYTHING Else!

Hey, it's Sheriff Peterson!


Anonymous said...

Women are young 20 not 30.

Carl said...

Jordan Peterson is a man needed in these times. I'm afraid he may be too late but he is actively fighting the post-modern, Marxists that have taken over the liberal arts, social sciences, and education departments at university. He's a powerful voice against their indoctrination.

His newest venture is to offer college level traditional western liberal arts online for free and will try to leverage his online courses to gain accreditation for those who want to take the tests for a nominal fee and attain college credit. He's on the front line.

His talks on the post-modern ideology that bred the current victim identity
collective are not to be missed. Everything makes sense to me now that I've discovered his youtube channel. Which is dangerous enough to the leftists, in these times, that his social media accounts are increasingly in jeopardy.

David Reynolds said...

As a man, I envy women that they have the option of being stay-at-home mothers and housewives. Very few men have that option.