Wednesday, September 27, 2017

New Sponsor: Business Buyer Advantage

If you are looking to buy, invest in, or perhaps even sell a business, may I recommend dropping in on our new sponsor, David Barnett of Business Buyer Advantage

In short Dave runs an outfit not too unsimilar to my little online media empire here, expect he specializes in entrepreneurship.

He has a blog.
He has books.
He has a YouTube channel (actually some pretty good videos there)
And he has courses.

The only thing I don't think he has is a consultancy where he yells and screams at people.

Regardless, I will be interviewing David about his business on my YouTube channel in part because he's a sponsor, but more so to find out precisely how his business works and the particular niche he's carved out for himself on this here interwebz.

Regardless, check out and poke around his site and see if Business Buyer Advantage might be of interest and use for you!

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