Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Episode #228

Cappy "recaps" his past week of adventuring.
Cappy realizes broken and/or bruised ribs really hurt.
A segment live from Dinosaur National Monument.
Why don't kids like petroglyphs!!!???


in this ADVENTURING EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!!!

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YIH said...

After what I've been seeing lately, apparently I and others were mistaken that YouTube was demonitizing over content. This guy is a video game collector preferring older games and systems (as in 20+ years old). It's about as squeaky-clean as you can get. And this guy, also squeaky-clean, also demonitized.
My guess, YouTube was probably handing out a lot more money than they were getting in ad revenue. The reason they were doing it is they wanted media attention - as in the famous ''Gangam style'' video. What they got, was PewDiePie.
When they realized their plan backfired they needed a cover story to justify cutting off the handouts - hello PewDiePie.
First he and the other controversial uploaders, then eventually, everybody. Several have noted, that even though YouTube stopped handing out free money, not only are the ads back, there's a lot more of them! Anything over 15 minutes now has multiple ad breaks, complete with the countdown and ''skip ad''. The reason they're doing that is the message I've seen: ''Don't want ads? Try YouTube Red'' IOW, to annoy people into buying the premium version.
My guess is they'll keep the monitization option for a while, but in reality, it's dead and gone.

John Berresford said...

I wiped out on a Honda Hawk in 1990, totaled the bike, and got a broken collarbone and 6 broken ribs. Be careful!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! One of your funniest and best videos: