Saturday, September 02, 2017

Does Minority Privilege Exist?

Since it's codified into law and corporate American can't help but bow down at the altar of diversity, yes.  But...


Tucanae Services said...

Sure it does, its called affirmative action. I get called back for consulting from time to time and sad to say many of the hires they have surrounding the problem would take a week to complete what takes me a couple of hours. (They have also fallen into the H1-b trap of two-for-one and it shows.) Essentially 1/3rd are AA hires, 1/3rd are H1-b hires, the other 1/3rd have the skills but lack the direction that mgt needs to properly apply to get the job done.

I am going to suggest a another book venture for you. 'Enjoy the Decline' and 'Worthless...' need a companion volume 'How to Get Ahead by Working Your Ass Off'. Essentially, a book on those occupations that are reasonably decent payrate and outlook AND have an avenue for entrepreneurship.

Anonymous said...

Yep, it does exist. As a minority in the US, I always shock everyone particularly my white friends because I will say the stuff that they never thought they would hear these particular words from: me.

For example, I had some friends at this party and we were discussing about race, politics, and other crap. One of my friends who is black started getting into with my friend who is Asian. They were debating who has it worse, Asians or Blacks. All the white guys were quiet in all of this so they don't get labeled as being a "racist" if you know what I mean, except for this one white guy (not a friend of mine but an acquaintance) babbling about Native Americans have it the worst.

Then the two friends turned to me because they know I keep it real. "Who has it worst in the US - blacks, asians, latinos, blah blah blah?"

My response, "That's easy. A straight white guy."

SILENCE. Deafening silence. As I take a drink out of my cup. My white friends have wide open eyes here.

"What??????!!!! You better explain yourself!"

I take another sip and state my case. "How many white men scholarships are there? None! There is one for each demographic - Asian, Black, Latino, Gay, Lesbian, but never one for a white guy.... how come we don't have a white dude month? There's one for females, but not a white guy? And oh yeah, by the way, my home state is California where Latinos are the majority. How come they don't institute affirmative action for more white people to go to college and get hired?"

"I hate to say this but some of us, minorities, only got the job because we were not just the best people for the jobs but we also happen to be a minority. So it was a win-win, check the box, tax break for the company so they can claim we are a diversified workplace."

The shock factor was pretty big as they continued to argue longer about it, but I walked away to get another drink. Later, my white friends told me that they never thought of it that way and thanked me for my honesty. Some of them have always wanted to say what I said but couldn't for fear of the PC police. I see for it what it is and I understand it. I think that's why one of my minority-card pulling friends couldn't get a job for awhile until I told him that he needs to shut up and work. No one wants a Debbie Downer!

So does Minority Privilege exist? Yep, it sure does. But does that mean that I can go around in life like a piece of crap and pull the minority card? No. I will work hard to be the best I can be whether at work or in life. One of the things that I have learned that the more assimilated you are in that country, the better your life generally will be. I guess that's why some of my friends look at me as a white guy, not as a minority.

rozyczkovincent said...

A straight white man has the privilege of being perceived by others as not having succeeded through special treatment such as Affirmative Action. Of course this "privilege" is paid for in full by being excluded from said special treatment such as educational or job quotas based on race or gender. And we remember that a "privilege" that is paid for and earned ceases to be a privilege, and becomes accurately perceived as Justice. We hold our heads higher than anyone else, and this goes double for us lowborn white men who succeed without family connections

chris said...

Everything described as white "privilege" would be better described as "merit".