Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Never Hire People with Nose Piercings

People will warn you about their true nature without being aware of it.


David Reynolds said...

At least 75% of the people who get tattoos and piercings don't think futures and consequences before putting doing it. They don't think what it is going to look like when they get older or how it is going to look to a job interviewer.

It amazes me how someone with tattoos all over their bodies, weird colored hair and face piercings bitch, complain and wonder why they have a hard time getting jobs. So unless one aspires to work at a tattoo and piercing parlor, then they should say no to tattoos and piercings.

A wise man once said that one can't get a bad tattoo or piercing if they don't get one.

Anonymous said...

Oh My God! Blatant Pierceophobia!


Anonymous said...

In the immortal words of Jimmy Buffet, tattoos are "A permanent reminder of a temporary feeling."